Holiday Makeup: Five Simple Tricks |

Holiday Makeup: Five Simple Tricks | +2023

Easy peasy 5 simple tricks that make your make-up suitable for the holidays

Easy-peasy: 5 simple tricks that make your make-up suitable for the holidays

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You don’t want to look like you do every day on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, but you have no idea how to do it? We do! And with a lot of shimmer – and our five simple tricks!

We all imagine looking extra special during the festive season. Special outfit, special hairstyle and of course special make-up. Too bad most of us tend not to get out of our comfort zone when it comes to makeup. The result: We look the same as we always do on the holidays and a lipstick to celebrate the day is the highest of feelings. But not with us! We’ll show you five simple tricks that will instantly make your makeup look festive.

1. Glitter

There is no Christmas without glitter. That’s why it shouldn’t be missing on our face. But don’t worry, we’re not talking glitter lipstick or glittery festival highlighters. A much more subtle and much more effective solution is a glitter eyeliner. Either you wear it over a normal, black eyeliner or just alone. You’ll see, a bit of bling makes every look twice as glamorous.

Our insider tip: You can also put the liner over your eyeshadow to make your eye make-up sparkle even more. If a liner is too complicated for you, you can of course also use a sparkling glitter eyeshadow.

2. Bold Lips

If you don’t feel like flashy eye make-up, then simply put the focus on the lips for the holidays. Of course we could now suggest you a perfectly normal red lipstick. But let’s be honest: We’ve just seen it too often (even if we love it). We think you should just dare something this year and go for really dark colors – a dark wine red, brown or a dark purple. It looks classy and still cool.

3. Lashes

Our look for Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be a bit extra. And what better way to do that than with false eyelashes? There is an incredible number of styles – from natural to dramatic. We are sure that everyone will find the right fake lashes. To ensure that nothing goes wrong on the big day, you should definitely practice attaching it a few times beforehand. Otherwise you will give up very quickly – we speak from experience. There are now even eyelash glue eyeliners (e.g. from Kiss), with which you can simply brush the false eyelashes and then stick them on directly.

4. Nail polish

Super simple – and yet super effective: A flashy or shimmering nail polish is probably the most obvious trick that we are all probably already using anyway. But if you’re tired of your standard shades, then why not wear a little more this year? And no, we’re not talking about five layers, but about more glamor and glitter. Effect paints are particularly cool, they can’t be removed that easily, but the effort is definitely worth it.

5. Shimmer Lotion

If we wear dresses or skirts to Christmas dinner or the New Year’s Eve party, then of course not only our face should look fresh and festive. Our arms and legs should also shine. And you don’t need much for that: a body lotion and a liquid highlighter. You simply mix it together in your hand and then apply the cream as usual.

A little hint: The finer the shimmer particles in the highlighter, the finer the shimmer on the skin. Coarse glitter in the highlighter will also show up as glitter on the skin. Either way, it will always look festive.

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