‘His art is he’ – Kanye West leaves fans divided as he releases his first-ever song Post controversy, also inspires a reaction from Alex Jones +2023

Kanye West got musical amid controversy. The artist was busy getting banned from Twitter days after being rehired by Elon Musk to protect “freedom of speech”. To take things further, West wants to take on the White House by running for president again.

But the rapper, known more for his opinions than his music, recently released an original track. The Gold Digger singer has come under heavy fire for his anti-Semitic remarks and for repeatedly defending these opinions. Now the musician, who uses songs to express himself, has left fans with mixed reactions to his latest track.

Amid the controversy, what do fans think of Kanye West’s latest track?

Kanye West suddenly dropped a surprise solo, causing mixed reactions from fans. The song is called “Someday We’ll All Be Free”. The singer apparently used this track to defend his anti-Semitic opinions and even acknowledge the tweet. “Deathcon 3 to the Jewish people.” He not only tweeted it, but continued to defend it.

He famously gave an interview on the Alex Jones podcast where he discussed everything from music and divorce to his controversies. Even during the interview he said: “I like Hitler. I love Jews, but I also love Nazis.” He also reflected his feelings in the song and the fans are react now.

Most people haven’t moved on from Ye’s opinions yet and want him banned from social media. He is now referred to as the modern day Adolf Hitler. The history of Germany’s atrocities against Jewish people and the dark past, which Ye dangerously discussed, got him into trouble.

While one fan would like to separate the artist from the person, the other thinks that people and profession are the same and that’s why Yes’s music shouldn’t be given a chance.

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Ye is one of the top-streamed rappers today; His musical career has taken a back seat since his spate of political statements. He first uploaded the video to Instagram but has since deleted it. What do you think of his track? Comment your thoughts.

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