Here are the best tips against tired eyes +2023

Goodbye eye shadows
Here are the best tips against tired eyes

Shadows under the eyes: Woman lying in bed and holding pillows over her head

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Eye shadows instead of eyes that enchant? From green veggies to concealer, we have the best tips and tricks for a glowing eye area!

Eye, eye, eye, what are we seeing there? Dark circles and shadows under the eyes? Too little sleep and too much stress are the most common causes of dark circles under the eyes. High time to treat your eyes to an extra portion of care! We have seven tips that will make your eye area shine again.

1. Apply concealer

With a concealer you can cover dark circles and dark circles under the eyes quickly and easily. To do this, apply the concealer very thinly to the inner corner of the eye and the lower eye area and gently pat it in with your ring finger. Finally, blend the transitions – and there is no longer a trace of the shadows under the eyes.

2. Drink more

One and a half to two liters you should drink every day to keep your body hydrated. Deficits are otherwise apparent as dark circles. By drinking more, we mean no alcohol, by the way. That would be counterproductive – also in terms of shadows under the eyes.

3. Get enough iron

If you consume enough iron, you have less to deal with dark circles under your eyes. Because: The iron-containing hemoglobin transports the oxygen in the blood. and the more oxygen in the blood, the lighter it gets – and the less bluish it appears under your eyes. There is a lot of iron in lean meat, sesame and flaxseed, green vegetables and fruit. By the way, here we show you 20 foods for beautiful skin and shiny hair.

4. Lots of sleep with the window open

Dark circles are usually caused by stress, lack of sleep or sleep disorders and too little oxygen in the blood. If you always stay in poorly ventilated rooms, the vessels around the eyes narrow. As a result, blood and tissue fluid build up, are distributed in the capillaries and appear as bluish shadows through the thin skin under the eyes. Therefore: Just go to bed early and open the window.

5. A little massage

A little massage also helps against dark circles. To do this, tap gently with your fingers from the bridge of the nose over the cheekbones to the temples, then stimulate the upper eyelid in the same way. Finally, repeat the process about 20 times with gentle stroking movements.

6. Teabag

This home remedy is also effective for shadows under the eyes: tea bags. To do this, pour boiling water over two tea bags (black tea works best and does not irritate the eye), steep briefly and then allow to cool. Then put a tea bag on each eye. The ingredients in the tea help reduce swelling and moisturise the eye area.

7. Cucumber slices

Helps as well as tea against dark circles and swelling: cucumber slices. Because these fresheners cool the eye and moisturize the thin skin under the eyes.

Shadows under the eyes: causes

The skin around the eyes is particularly thin, so that lymph and blood vessels shine through. The extent to which dark circles are pronounced depends on how well the veins are supplied with blood. to little sleepand too much stress For example, they change the oxygen concentration in the blood, make it flow more slowly and turn it dark. The result: bluish, shimmering dark circles under the eyes that greet us as soon as we look in the mirror in the morning. Lack of sleep and high stress are just two factors behind dark circles.

Other causes of dark circles are:

  • genetic predisposition
  • Diseases such as diseases of the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, liver or heart and blood diseases
  • accumulations of pigment
  • too little fluid intake
  • excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or coffee
  • wrong diet: Also a mineral or vitamin deficiency can cause dark circles. For example, while brownish-black discolorations indicate a lack of iron, bluish-red shadows are a sign of magnesium deficiency.

You can find even more tips against dark circles, swollen eyes and how to avoid bags under your eyes here.

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