Herbal Essences Smoothing Air Dry Cream review with photos +2023

The new Smoothing Air Dry Cream from Herbal Essences. Image Credit: POPSUGAR Photography / Victoria Messina

My hair care routine can be summed up in one word: easy. I shampoo and condition my hair about every other day, trim it once a year, only use a heat styling tool on the weekends (if at all), and always opt for air drying unless I’m running out of time. So when I had the opportunity to try Herbal Essences’ first-ever air-dried cream ahead of its hitting shelves this month, I jumped at it – and now have a new product that fits seamlessly into my no-fuss routine.

This December, Herbal Essences launches a new styling collection with 10 products ranging from texturizing hairspray to mousse. I was immediately drawn to the air-drying cream, which promises to reduce frizz and add shine without deposit-causing mineral oils or parabens. After using the cream for several weeks, I can confirm that it definitely keeps what it promises for my personal hair type, which is mostly straight at the front and wavy at the back.

The application is very simple: After showering, brush your hair, towel dry it until damp and spread a dab of cream from the roots to the tips with your fingers or a comb. (I’ll use a quarter-sized blob for reference.) Then go about your day and let the air drying magic happen. I used the cream at home in Florida during Thanksgiving week and it noticeably helped smooth out the flyaways that usually sprout on my head due to the unrelenting humidity. It makes my hair visibly shinier and as smooth as it feels right after a fresh haircut. Also, because the cream is so light, it doesn’t weigh my hair down and doesn’t leave a sticky residue or crunchy texture after drying.

POPSUGAR Editor Victoria Messina shares the effects of Herbal Essences' new Smoothing Air Dry Cream on her hair.

Image Credit: POPSUGAR Photography / Victoria Messina

The smell is also a highlight. As soon as you open the tube you are hit with a lovely rose scent that is not too sweet. On first sniff, I was overcome with a comforting feeling of nostalgia for middle school days when I used Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner. The fresh and floral scent even lingered on my flight back to New York – plus an extra day without washing because it’s cold up here and I was getting lazy.

Although the cream is intended for use on damp hair, I have also used it on dry hair when my ends look like they need an extra boost of moisture on my non-wash days. I had previously used a hair oil for this purpose, but now my air dry cream doubles the duties and does a damn good job.

Herbal Essences will launch its Smoothing Air Dry Cream – and the nine other products in its new styling range – at major retailers before the end of 2022. Each item will retail for just $5. Be sure to scoop up the pink rose-covered tube of air-dried cream at your local drugstore to help bring you silky, frizz-free hair into the New Year.

Herbal Essences Smoothing Air Dry Cream. Image source: Courtesy of Herbal Essences

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