Have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle urged Prince William and King Charles to have ‘crisis talks’ amid teaser release? +2023

With the Harry and Meghan docuseries around the corner, controversy has reared its ugly heads at the entire royal family. After months of mystery and speculation over the highly anticipated documentary, Netflix released the first Look trailer on Thursday. And that apparently caused great distress for those in the palace. King Charles and Prince William have reportedly felt the need to have a serious discussion about it.

As reported by Daily Mail, the Duke and Duchess, Prince Harry and Meghan have addressed the Palace for peace talks. In the midst of such a whirlwind of controversy, the king and successor face a dilemma to make a decision. Each family member seems vulnerable in their own condition. While the Royals fear rubbing wounds the wrong way, the Sussexes seem to be coping with their own issues.

The Palace’s response to Harry and Meghan will be robust and swift

King Charles and his eldest son, the Prince of Wales, have confirmed that they “crisis talks‘ for the impending disaster in the family. The Sussexes, on the other hand, appear to want to mend ties with the Sovereigns. After months of distancing themselves and going their own way, this comes as strikingly contrasting news for readers. Previous reports claimed the Duke and Duchess had no plans for a family reconciliation.

However, sources say “There is a completely unified front of the king and the palace members…Some of them are apparently worried about Harry and Meghan’s numerous attempts. Reportedly, Harry and Meghan even tried “Private“Make peace with the family as you highlight the issue they faced through their Netflix show. In addition to the royals front, insiders have also claimed that the response to false allegations on the show “fast and robust

Later in the article, sources even referred to the much-anticipated docuseries and memoir as “revenge projects.“The Sussexes were, according to the staff of the Imperial Family”wildly determined‘ to air it to the world. However, there seems to be no positive reaction from the palace. The Sussexes have also made no official statements from their frontline.

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