Harry & Meghan: ‘Truth of their experience’ – Prince Harry takes on Prince William by defending Princess Diana’s Panorama interview +2023

The first episode of Harry & Megan belonged to the much-loved Princess Diana. Prince Harry spoke openly about it Difficulties faced by his mother before and after her divorce from his father, King Charles III. Meanwhile, the show also generated massive controversy Broadcasting of the clips from the bomb panorama program.

Princess Diana’s interview with journalist Martin Bashir in 1995 was one of the biggest scandals in royal history. The late Princess of Wales poured out her heart in the infamous interaction. She discussed them royal life, divorce, lack of palace support and her husband’s infidelities. Although she spoke the truth, it’s no secret that the late king did tricked into giving Bashir’s interview. That’s what Prince William had done months ago questioned the legitimacy of the claims while calling for a permanent ban.

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Prince Harry discusses the Panorama interview in Harry & Meghan

While Prince William had condemned the infamous interview with Prince Harry applauded his mother for telling the truth. On the Netflix show Harry & Meganthought the Duke of Sussex Struggles his mother had to face in her life because of the kingship. He sympathized with Princess Diana being exposed to the world after their divorce. Although the Sussex King agreed his mother was duped into giving the interview, he claimed that was the case important for them to reveal the truth.

“I think she had a lived experience of struggling to live this life. She felt compelled to talk about it. She spoke the truth about her experience.” said Prince Harry in the documentations.

In the meantime, Harry & Megan also showed clips from the infamous interview. Princess Diana can be seen in the clips revealing how She hates being banged and being the center of attraction. She called them media for their privacy.

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