Hairstyles after 50: 5 cuts that flatter your hair

Hairstyles after 50: 5 cuts that flatter your hair +2023

Hairstyles over 50 5 cuts that flatter your hair the most

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell

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With age, hormonal changes and health restrictions can lead to hair thinning. But that’s no reason to despair at the hairdresser’s. Five hairstyles in particular make hair look extra good from the age of 50.

Both external factors such as the right care, heat or chemical substances in coloring as well as internal factors such as hormones, nutrition, stress, health problems and others play a decisive role in the health of the hair. With age, the menopause and the associated hormonal changes can have an impact on our hair structure. No reason to cut your hair. Here we tell you which cuts make you look fresh and stylish.


  1. The blunt cut
  2. The pixie cut
  3. french hair
  4. Curls like Andie MaxDowell
  5. Low ponytail + chignon

Stylish hairstyles from 50 at a glance

Bob yes, but as a blunt cut please

For years, one haircut in particular has been in the lead: the bob. Whether as a long bob, short bob or rolled bob – the hairstyle is available in all shapes and hair lengths. The straight blunt cut is particularly recommended for women over 50. It can be worn in different lengths because its trademark is the straight cut edge. Neither the hair in the front nor at the nape of the neck is longer, but all hair is at the same height. The blunt cut is simple, timelessly elegant and super modern with a center parting. The styling is also quite simple: beach waves or straight hair, both variants flatter the hair.

Short, shorter, pixie cut

Short hair isn’t for everyone. However, it becomes mystically beautiful with the pixie cut. This haircut is characterized by the combination of different hair lengths. Some parts are only a few millimeters long, others up to 10 centimeters. By the way, his name comes from the translation of the English word “pixie” and means “elf”. A suitable choice of name, as the varied haircut is reminiscent of young and cheeky mythical creatures. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has sworn by the short and easy-care hair for years and looks stunning with it.

French hair – don’t care

Let’s be honest, we all want a hairstyle that looks good but requires as little care as possible. Less styling is more, especially with stressed hair. This is where the French hair, also known as the French cut, comes into play. The medium-length hair, which falls slightly in layers to the collarbone, suits everyone. Slightly grown-out bangs, which frame the face as fringed curtain bangs, are particularly stylish. What is important, however, is that the French cut should be worn as unstyled as possible in a slightly messy look – if that’s not good news. If you want to look a little younger, you can dye your hair in a natural balayage.

Curls like Andie MacDowell

Curls not only add volume to your hair, they also make you look fresh and modern straight away. However, curls do not mean the classic Hollywood waves, which have a more classic style, but a wild mane of curls à la Andie MacDowell. If you have slightly wavy hair, you can achieve great results with the curly girl method. The method works as follows:

  • Ideally, do not use shampoo to wash your hair, but use conditioner.
  • Comb your hair while the conditioner works in the hair and then rinse it out with cold water.
  • Let your hair hang upside down and scrunch a curl conditioner into your hair, starting at the ends. For this z. B. in question: linseed gel, hair oil, leave-in conditioner or a curl cream. The hair is then dried with a curl diffuser (a thin-meshed colander can also be used).

It doesn’t matter whether you have long curly hair or chin-length hair, the waves look good in almost every variant.

Pure elegance: the low-lying braid

Admittedly, the low-slung braid is not a haircut, but a hairstyle that can really be worn at any age. Whether it’s a chignon or a low ponytail – if the hair is tied in a ponytail, it looks particularly elegant. The perfect execution is not important here, it is only important that the hair is parted in the middle and styled backwards in a sleek look. The bun or ponytail in the neck can stand in contrast to the clean front and remain in the messy style.


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