Hair Tinsel: The glittering hair trend for New Year’s Eve celebrations +2023

Hair Tinsel
The glittering hair trend for the New Year’s Eve party

Already Beyoncé convinced with the sparkling hair at the 2010 Grammy Awards.


Are you still looking for a way to give your New Year’s look that special something? Then the hair tinsel trend might just be the thing.

The turn of the year is just around the corner and what concerns us most, apart from the question of where we will ring in the new year, is the question of what we will wear. New Year’s Eve is the night when we’re allowed to dress more conspicuously. Whether glittering make-up, sequin dresses, gold or silver – everything glamorous is allowed.

Hair Tinsel: This hairstyle is a real eye-catcher

You are also welcome to try new things with your hairstyle. There has been a trend on TikTok for quite some time called Hair Tinsel. Translated into German, it means “tinsel hair”. But what exactly is meant by sparkling hair? In fact, this is not a new trend, because hair tinsel was already around in the 90s. In the video we explain the trend and how you can easily imitate it.

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