Hair Survival Program – Restorehair

+ 2023

Hair Survival Program – Restorehair + 2023

“There are many young men and women in my clinic who are concerned about their hair loss and worry that surgery may not be the best option. I know how to help them recover their hair and prevent hair loss in the first place. My determination to do just that inspired this simple program.” – James A. Harris, Dr.

There will be no more hair on your head than there is today, and you can slow, stop or even reverse hair loss using this versatile approach. Hair Survival Program in Brief:

  • It helps you preserve the hair you have for as long as possible and gives you a chance to grow hair again.
  • If necessary for a future hair transplant, the donor preserves the hair. Over time, the donor hair may become thinner, but the drugs included in this program help protect the donor hair.

At RESTORE we know how to stop hair loss. Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation.

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