Hair restorer: These 3 plants naturally stimulate growth +2023

Healthy and full hair
These three plants naturally stimulate hair growth

Various plants can be found in nature, from which we can, for example, make oil to strengthen hair.


Anyone who wants healthy hair and has had enough of expensive hair care products should watch our video. In it we explain which natural alternatives promise the same effect.

There are countless different hair lotions, treatments and care products to care for brittle, brittle or stressed hair. But in many cases we can also support our hair on a natural basis – three plants in particular have a particularly lasting effect.

These plants give the hair new shine

If you would also prefer to give your hair a new lease of life in a natural way, you should take a look at this video: In it you will learn which three plants you can use to make tinctures, shampoo, tea or oils to strengthen hair growth to stimulate

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