Hair expert explains: These are the 3 hairstyle trends for 2023 +2023

expert reveals
These are the three hottest hair trends in the new year

A model on the runway

A model on the runway

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Hair changes stand for new beginnings: Alexander von Trentini gives an outlook on the hair trends for 2023. In an interview, the star hairstylist reveals which hair colors and hairstyles are popular in the new year.

by Carla Jörn

“The trend hair colors in 2023 will convince you with their intensity,” explains Alexander von Trentini on the subject of hair colors. The hairstylist from Wiesbaden is not only popular with celebrities like Emilia Schüle and Coco Rocha, but also styled the debutantes of “Le Bal des Débutantes” in Paris last year and also made an international name for herself at the Paris Fashion Week.

Alexander of Trentini with a model for Marc Cain.

Alexander of Trentini with a model for Marc Cain.

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In an interview, Alexander von Trentini reveals which cuts, colors and fringe styles will accompany us in the new year.

Top 3 hot hair trends for 2023

1. These bangs are staying with us

For several years, the so-called “curtain bangs” have held the number one place among the most popular trend hairstyles – and not without reason: “We continue to love curtain bangs because the hairstyle is particularly charming and sexy, as are the cheekbones and the eye area attractively emphasized. At the same time, the hairstyle impresses with its flexibility and can – depending on the type and face shape – be worn individually. However, the cut goes more into a blunt, long fringe look,” explains the expert. The bangs, which are named after the English word for “curtain”, are also worn by Netflix star Jenna Ortega in the hit series “Wednesday” and on the red carpet.

Expert tip for styling the trendy forehead fringes: “Blow-dry the bangs back over the crown with a round brush. Then let the hair fall apart and finally blow-dry it slightly to the left and right. This gives the hairstyle a nice stand, volume and a natural fall past the face.”

According to Trentini, the new pony styles for 2023 are the “overly long pony”, which is often worn in combination with overlong hair.

2. Sassy short hairstyles

We wear our hair short in the New Year: “The first thing that catches the eye is the stubbly short haircut, the buzz cut,” says the hairstylist. With a “buzz cut”, the hair is shaved off, as the English word for “buzz” suggests. So the trend is not for the faint-hearted: “Next to the pixie, this is one of the most expressive trends. Both looks focus on facial features. The cuts live, so to speak, on individual beauty in its purest form! Important: the buzz cut always has to the shape of the head must be taken into account.”

This model wears a blonde on the New York runway "Buzz Cut".

This model sported a blonde buzz cut on the New York runway.

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If the “buzz cut” is a bit too radical but still wants to be shorter, the expert advises: “The third short hairstyle, the boyfriend cut, is a little longer. Cut in layers, it’s smart and masculine at the same time.” Lena Meyer-Landrut has recently been wearing the cheeky “Boyfriend Cut” and proves how beautiful a hairy change can be.

3. Brown is the new blonde

“Whether blonde, brown or red – the trend hair colors in 2023 will convince you with their intensity”, reveals the hairstylist, “With brown we love the rich dark brown, known as “expensive brunette”. The motto for this color trend is: More is more!More color nuances, more color sophistication, more color shine.Here, brown is by no means boring, but rather exciting, sensual and elegant at the same time.

Model Hailey Bieber's hair is the definition of "Expensive brunette".

Model Hailey Bieber’s hair is the definition of “expensive brunette.”

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We covet the value of this color because the focus is on healthy hair. Thanks to the warm, richly shimmering color nuances, this color suits many types. Even very fair skin can wear “Expensive Brunette” as the Snow White look is very popular at the moment. In short: “Yes, brown will be the new blonde in 2023.”

Finally, Alexander von Trentini emphasizes: “But it doesn’t matter which color wins the race, a healthy shine is particularly important for all hair colors. Glossy Hair is the hair motto for 2023!”

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