Hair color horoscope: With this hair color you can achieve everything in 2023

Hair color horoscope: With this hair color you can achieve everything in 2023 +2023

New year, new hair color! But which one really suits me? If you are unsure about color treatment, you should consider your zodiac sign. Because the same tells you which nuance goes particularly well.

A new year is ahead of us. Around 350 days left in which we can reinvent ourselves. Because 2023 is the year of change. Why? Three outer planets change their zodiac signs as well as the north and south nodes of the moon. So if you’re thinking about trying something new when it comes to hairstyling – this is your sign! Your zodiac sign can give you information about which color suits you perfectly. Together with “eSalon”, a professional astrologer and more experienced colorists, we present the “Coloscope 2023”.

This is what awaits you in 2023 – and this hair color suits you


For Aquarius, 2023 is definitely the year when a change is needed, you have prepared for it for two years. Here we go. You steer your thinking and your being in new directions to become even stronger.

YOUR POWER COLOURS: Caramel Blonde, Reddish Brown, Aubergine Brown, Highlighted Mahogany Red, Glossy Indigo Black


Pisces expect new opportunities in the new year, an extra portion of luck or at least an expanding mindset. More structure moves into your life. That can pay off.

YOUR POWER COLOURS: Berry blonde, strong copper, terracotta brown, cool black, warm red gold, soft bronze


Aries expects a real power year with good luck and valuable opportunities. Your relationships will change a lot this year. Anything that doesn’t align with your goals or life purpose, you should let go now.

YOUR POWER COLOURS: Classy brown, dark chocolate, mahogany blonde, soft strawberry blonde


From the middle of the year, the lucky planet Jupiter will enter your sign. He will inspire you to broaden your horizons both mentally and physically. Travel, learn a new skill, or even study again could be on the agenda for you.

YOUR POWER COLOURS: Velvety red, cherry red, classic blonde, caramel blonde, berry brown, rose gold brown to black

Hair color horoscope: With this hair color you can achieve everything in 2023

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Gemini starts the year with a lot of energy, because Mercury is directly in your sign in mid-January. At the beginning of March there can be exciting challenges in terms of work.

YOUR POWER COLOURS: Butterscotch Blonde, Peach Red, Copper Red, Golden Black, Sunset Blonde, Shiny Espresso


Cancers should focus on their professional career in 2023, great progress could beckon. You are getting more and more in tune with what you were born to do. Show yourself and show what you can do.

YOUR POWER COLOURS: Earthy blonde, shiny blonde, soft golden babylights, mocha brown, coral red, warm cinnamon brown


With Leo, all signs point to change. Take control and responsibility, then everything will turn out exactly as you imagine and you will go far.

YOUR POWER COLOURS: Light blonde, scarlet red, warm highlights, velvety brown, champagne blonde

Hair color horoscope: With this hair color you can achieve everything in 2023

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For Virgos this year, the focus this year is on relationships, platonic and romantic. Some relationships might rise to a more serious level and others might be tested.

YOUR POWER COLOURS: Sunset Copper, Vivid Blonde, Sandy Red, Butter Blonde, Mocha Brown, Caramel Highlights


An exciting new relationship awaits Libras in the first half of the year, professionally or privately. Overall, you will learn how to better align your own needs with those of others.

YOUR POWER COLOURS: Brown balayage on black hair, dark auburn, sandy brown, smoky brown, sandy rose, rich chocolate brown

Gray hair


During the first half of the year, Scorpios will do everything they can to take control of their lives, both professionally and personally. This is important, because a new relationship could wait from the middle of the year. And then there is no more time for that.

YOUR POWER COLOURS: Warm brick red, peachy nuances, matte ash brown, bordeaux mahogany black, soft caramel blonde


Fun? Or responsibility? Or both? Sagittarians cannot and do not want to make a decision in 2023. It’s a good time to express yourself creatively and allow more romance into your life.

YOUR POWER COLOURS: Light red-blonde, classic ombré, chocolate brown, aubergine black, mahogany red


Capricorns should adopt a spiritual practice in 2023 to stay grounded. A reorganization of the financial situation is imminent.

YOUR POWER COLOURS: Mahogany red, rosé blond, cosmic black with cool tones, powerful red copper, classic sandy blond


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