Hair Appointment Booking: Ultimate Guide +2023

We often underestimate the importance of the proper booking of a hair appointment. Sometimes, it is half a success in terms of the final result. Thus, it is vital to take these things seriously. No worries though. We got your back. Our guide contains all the necessary information you need to know about how to book hair appointment, from what to say to what to wear. So, you are welcome to study it carefully.

Essential Tips On Hair Appointment Booking:

For booking hair appointment successfully, make sure to follow these tips:

    1. Inquire about available salons at your disposal.

      One of the best ways how to find a good hair stylist is to ask for recommendations from friends, especially if they have just had their hair cut, styled or dyed and you like the outcome. But when you get the contact, it is too early to book a hair salon appointment yet. First, you need to find out what hair salon services they offer and whether they will not hit your pocket too much. How much does a perm cost may vary from place to place, as well as other hair treatments. So, get a quote either by calling them or through the website.

      What else you can do to book the perfect appointment is to browse the internet for reviews of both the salon and the hairstylist. On local chats and forums, you may even be able to ask all sorts of questions that are bothering you. Should I show up early for a hair appointment? How much to tip hairdresser? What to bring to a hair appointment? These are some of the most common hair consultation questions. Yet, keep in mind that it is always better to look for a hair appointment near me since you may want to become a regular customer and a long distance is not conducive to it.

Essential Tips On Hair Appointment Booking

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    1. Find a suitable hairstyle.

      Before you book a hair appointment, it pays to know what final hair look you want to get. This will allow the hairstylist to plan their time so that there are no overlaps with the next client’s appointment. So, take care to do research beforehand and let the stylist know what you want them to do with your hair. Taking some pictures with you for reference will spare you from pondering what to say when making a hair appointment or how to ask for a haircut womens often struggle with and guarantees that there will be no misunderstanding between you and the stylist.

    2. Opt for early hours.

      Ideally, you should try to book an appointment during the business week. So, if you happen to have a day off, use it wisely to get a perfect haircut. Also, you should choose early morning, as in this way, the hairstylist will not be limited in time. However, if you are planning to change your hair color, it is important to allocate around thirty more minutes in addition to your appointment. As for how early should I be to my hair appointment, there is no need to show up several hours before the appointed time. Yet, you still need to consider possible holdups because of traffic, for instance.

    3. Tell the truth.

      We all have been in the situation when you hate the hairstyle but say nothing to the hairstylist so as not to offend them. This is a very destructive approach and here is why. Quite often, the scale of a disaster can be reduced in several easy moves. You just need to voice your concerns. Of course, if the hairstylist has chopped off too much hair, you will not be able to get it back. However, it makes sense to express your discontent, as this is not necessarily the hairstylist’s fault but rather miscommunication.

    4. Pre book the next appointment.

      Depending on how often should you cut your hair or dye it, your visits to the salon can be pretty regular. As such, before leaving the building, why not book your next appointment? Unsure of is one month too early to make hair appointment? Ask the receptionist. Every hair salon has its own schedule. And if yours allows for early bookings, why not? After all, you can always reschedule or even cancel it if your plans change.

    5. Book online.

      What can stop an introvert from booking an appointment? The need to speak to a stranger on the phone. Many reputable hair salons are aware of that and they offer online booking as an alternative. So, in case you prefer this method, just go ahead. Besides, you can make some notes in special fields, which help the stylist understand better what you want and save a lot of time on discussing the details.

    6. Keep blowouts at hand.

      A blowout is a great way to keep your hair looking groomed between your main appointments. So, whenever you need to look your best, do not hesitate to squeeze in another appointment or two for professional blowout styling.

    7. Trust your feelings.

      If you always leave the salon happy and smiling, then you may be one of those lucky people who have found their perfect hairstylist. Trust us, you do not want to lose this bond, as it is sometimes stronger than with your shrink.

Hair Appointment For A Wedding And Other Important Events

Hair Appointment For A Wedding And Other Important Events

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When you are getting ready for a wedding, an anniversary or another special event, it differs a bit from your regular hair appointments. So, here is the list of the most essential things you should know when booking special event hair appointments:

  1. Price list.

  2. Legal agreements.

  3. Payment options.

  4. If they offer the desired services and whether you can see their portfolio.

  5. Whether they have enough time to schedule you.

  6. If there is a trial.

  7. If they need to attach extensions to your hair. If yes, whether they can provide them.

  8. Whether they can instruct you on what to do before getting hair dyed if you are considering this procedure or other preparations.

  9. If they require help, i.e. other hairstylists or assistants.

It may seem that this is too much to know. Yet, this information will save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on more essential things on such an important day. After a quick analysis, you will know for sure whether it is worth booking an appointment with this specific salon and artist or not.

What Hair Expert Says

What Hair Expert Says about Booking Appointment

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It is always a good idea to stick to professional advice from real masters of their craft, such as celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith, who is also the Evo international color/creative director. He shares some practical tips on how to prepare for a hair consultation and we have made careful notes. So, make sure to do the following:

  1. Ditch your toner two weeks prior to the appointment.

  2. Apply a deeply nourishing treatment a week prior to the appointment.

  3. Decide what three pictures you are going to bring with you as a reference.

  4. Cleanse your hair and scalp with a purifying shampoo a week prior to the appointment.

  5. Wash your hair with a shampoo a couple of days before the appointed date. This is your answer to a common “should I wash my hair before a hair appointment” question.

As for what to wear for hair appointment, Tom suggests going for an outfit that will express your personal style and taste best. This will let the hairstylist understand your personality better and help them to suggest you the most suitable haircut and style. Feel free to complement your look with your favorite accessories and makeup of your choice.

Hopefully, now you will be able to book a hair appointment in a blink of an eye. As you can tell, this is not rocket science. You just need to know what to pay attention to and you are sure to end up with the best appointment for your needs.

FAQ about Booking Hair Appointment

How early should I be to my hair appointment?

You should arrive about 5 mins or so before your appointment time so that you are not late or too early.

Is one month too early to make a hair appointment?

It is up to you to decide how early to book an appointment. If your salon can already schedule you and you know that you need an appointment in a month, then feel free to book it.


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