Guillermo del Toro, who recently retold Pinocchio, appreciates Taylor Swift’s brilliance ahead of her directorial debut +2023

There is no greater sign of admiration for an artist than a seasoned artist praising your work. Many devote their lives to their craft and yet receive no recognition from their heroes. However, that someone is not Taylor Swift. Swift is one of the most successful singers of our generation. The 11-time Grammy winner has reached great heights in her music career, is a hugely influential artist and has inspired countless people around the world.

The always talented Taylor Swift is not only one of the most successful musicians, but also a great director. That you belong With Me Star even made her directorial debut. And recently her cinematic skills received the seal of approval of legendary Director Guillermo del Toro.

Guillermo del Toro’s Words of Appreciation for Taylor Swift

Guillermo del Toro is one of Hollywood’s most popular film directors who has produced some of the best films. Some of the Mexican director’s works include Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Pacific Rim, and The shape of the water. Lately, we all know that rumors have been swirling about a Taylor Swift directorial debut. And amid such rumours, Del Toro had a few things to say about the Lover hitmaker.

Earlier, Swift revealed how much she’d like to swap places with Del Toro for a day. in the answer to, The shape of the water Director admitted that he had met the singerand how “She’s a very accomplished director, she’s incredibly articulate and deep in what she’s trying to do – and what she will do. I have the greatest admiration for her; we had one of the most stimulating and satisfying conversations.”

According to recent reports, the singer will be making her directorial debut through renowned studio Searchlight Pictures. Popular works by Searchlight Pictures include, among others nomadic country and The shape of the water, so it would certainly be exciting to see her make a name for herself in the director’s chair. The singer previously won two awards for best director All too good: the short film and The man Music video during the MTV VMAs.

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Are you looking forward to seeing Taylor as a film director? what are your expectations Let us know in the comments below.

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