Gray hair: 39-year-old celebrates her most beautiful looks on Instagram +2023

Gray hair, don’t care!
This 39 year old is all gray and loves it

Crystal has never felt more confident and empowered than she does now with her gray mane.

Crystal Michelle is 19 when she discovers her first gray hairs. She is shocked and will dye her hair for the next almost twenty years. She doesn’t stand by her natural hair color for fear of negative comments – until a bet changes everything…

Small discussion, big effect: In 2020, husband Allen, 46, complains about his gray hair, his wife Crystal Michelle, 39, replies that hers would certainly be a lot grayer. They spontaneously start a challenge to see who has more gray hair on their head in four months – a bet that would soon change Crystal’s life completely.

Crystal Michelle: “I feel like a strong woman.”

The Texan fell in love with her gray hair, and since then her whole relationship with her natural hair color has completely changed: she no longer dyes her hair, but proudly wears her gray mane. Crystel thinks her eye-catching look is wonderful and special and now wants to encourage other women to own their gray and wear it proudly. In the video we show how confidently she stages her hair – and how stunningly good she looks doing it.

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