Gossip Girl season 2 hair and makeup details +2023

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HBO’s “Gossip Girl” returned to our screens for season two on December 1, bringing back our favorite Constance Billard students for even more drama. Judging from what we’ve seen so far – and glimpses of what’s to come from the trailer – we have some eventful episodes ahead of us. Season two takes us all the way across the Upper East Side to the steps of the Met Gala and even brings back an iconic face from the original CW drama: Georgina Sparks, played by Michelle Trachtenberg.

With each of our main characters well-established since the first season, this takeoff is about delving a little deeper. “We’re really starting to get a sense of who our characters are, what their goals are and what they believe in.” Michael Zambano, head of the show’s hair department, to POPSUGAR. In the same vein, the new season’s hair and makeup are evolving (very slightly) to reflect this shift. “We see some changes in their appearance depending on whether they seek more vanity, power or status, or seek justice?”

Zambrano and the head of the show’s makeup department, Sheri Kornhaber, worked tirelessly to ensure that every look reflected the character’s feelings inside and out — but they also had some help. “The actors were always part of the process,” says Kornhaber.

Beforehand, Zambrano and Kornhaber give us a behind-the-scenes look at each character’s look in Gossip Girl season 2, from modernizing Georgina’s look to the exact products they used on set (like the Press-Ons by Monet can’t stop wearing).

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