‘Good Morning America’ ignores Amy Robach and TJ Holmes’ suspension rumors and says they ‘have the day off’


‘Good Morning America’ ignores Amy Robach and TJ Holmes’ suspension rumors and says they ‘have the day off’ +2023

Good morning America Presenters TJ Holmes and Amy Robach were absent from today’s GMA3 broadcast following her cheating scandal and alleged suspension.

Viewers watching the tabloids’ new favorite duo were disappointed to see not Holmes and Robach behind the desk, but substitute presenters Stephanie Ramos and Gio Benitez. The two appeared alongside Dr. Jennifer Ashton who was the hostess GMA3 at Holmes and Robach since September 2020.

Ramos refused to address the elephant in the room and began the show by stating, “Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are off today,” quickly moving on to the day’s news. However, the names of the missing presenters were still included in the show’s opening sequence, which includes the narration: “Now from Times Square, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes with Dr. Jen Ashton and what you need to know.”

After the alleged relationship between Holmes and Robach was exposed, both parties disappeared from social media and Robach was absent from the November 30 broadcast. However, the following day both hosts co-hosted the talk show without mentioning the controversy.

earlier today, TMZ issued a report stating that the two hosts were pulled from the show following their alleged affair. The outlet source indicated that Ramos and Benitez would replace Holmes and Robach starting today, adding that the length of their GMA3 Stint has not yet been announced.

Decider has reached out to ABC for comment, but has not received a response at the time of publication.

Holmes and Robach’s alleged relationship first reported by The Daily Mail Nov. 30, was described as an “internal and external distraction” by ABC News President Kim Godwin – who allegedly knew of the relationship – in a call with executives this morning.

In the call, Godwin said, “I want to say that while this relationship is not against company policy, it has really taken me the past few days to think and work through what I believe is best for the ABC News organization. ‘ per TMZ.

She added: “We cannot operate on gossip, speculation and rumours. We have to focus on work.”

Holmes and Robach’s future on the show is reportedly undetermined; so far we only know that the next steps have to be “sorted out” by executives.

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