Golden Hour Nails: The glamorous manicure for brides

Golden Hour Nails: The glamorous manicure for brides +2023

Golden Hour Nails Perhaps the most glamorous manicure for brides

The delicate sparkle looks exciting and elegant.

The delicate sparkle looks exciting and elegant.

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What do the golden hour and the most beautiful moment in life have in common? That’s right, these shimmering golden manicures.

The wedding is one of the most beautiful moments in life. In addition to the dreamy, white robe, the hair and make-up are also staged in a glamorous and festive way. But the nails are also given the right update, completely varnished in cream, as French or just with a little clear varnish. Simple — can only sometimes seem a bit conservative and boring. The “Golden Hour” nails now promise to bring a modern, even luxurious aspect to the look and are reminiscent of the hours of sunshine in summer.

Golden Hour Nails: Golden French Nails

This manicure takes the French classic to a new level. The metallic tips appear glamorous, noble and glamorous. There are many different ways of putting the design on the nail. Depending on the desired texture, a metallic gold finish looks delicate, while glitter gold finishes look more playful and coarse. If you like, attach the golden tips with a specially cut nail foil.

Reverse Glitter French

This manicure sparkles like the sun! While the design lasts longer with gel, you can also recreate it at home with standard glitter particles and classic nail polish. To do this, apply some nail glue over a base coat (not quite on the nail bed!) to dab on the pigment with a cotton swab. After a short drying time, a rosé varnish is applied over the entire nail. Tip: If you go over it twice, the result looks milkier and the glitter more subtle.

Gold Chrome Nails

When Hailey Bieber’s chrome trend meets the sunset, this shimmery result comes out on top. Extravagant is probably the right adjective for this rose gold look. The procedure is very simple: the nails are dipped in a delicate rosé, while they are dabbed with golden pigment after drying. A top coat makes the iridescent result durable.

Gold double liner

Don’t worry, you don’t need an art diploma for this, just a little patience and a steady hand (tip: maybe don’t necessarily start with the noble manicure on the wedding day). After a clear base coat or a covered color has been applied to the entire nail, a line is drawn below the French edge with a fine nail liner. Important: There should not be quite as much paint at the tip of the brush, otherwise the gold will run in all directions.

Ephemeral trend accent

It looks deconstructed, almost unfinished, but still just right and modern: the delicate wipe over the natural nail. Admittedly, you have to like this variant, but it still unfolds wonderfully fresh and gives the manicure an informal eye-catcher. Tip: run the brush over a handkerchief before applying. This way, not as much color sticks and the finish gets more dimensionality.


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