Glowy Skin: Guide to a glowing complexion +2023

When you hear Glowy Skin, you immediately think of healthy, glowing skin that’s bursting with moisture. These tips will also make your complexion glowy.

All that glitters is not gold, but this beauty routine is definitely worth its weight in gold! Glowy Skin means something like shiny or shimmering skin and is currently the beauty trend for every day. However, there is much more to it than just applying a little highlighter – the desired glow lets the whole face shine with plump, youthful freshness and does not look greasy or oily.

Glowy Skin: Facial care lays the foundation

Before makeup, a glowy facial care routine is crucial. Because without the right care, the make-up will not sit well on your skin. Introducing the ultimate skincare routine that will leave your skin glowing beyond recognition.

Before the daily care routine starts, we have another tip for you that makes the difference – namely that to shave face! Admittedly, it sounds absurd at first, but it is ultimate secret weapon for Glowy Skin. The fine, white hairs that grow all over the face prevent the light from being reflected. They make our face look matt and don’t give glow a chance. So grab one face razorcarry something facial oil and carefully shaves the hairs against the direction of growth every two months. No fear: The hair will neither grow back thicker nor black – we promise!

Ultimate skincare guide for glowy skin

1. Cleaning with a gentle cleaning brush:

Facial cleansing should always be first step be in your skincare routine. Because by doing so you remove excess sebum, oils and thanks to cleaning brush also dead skin cells. These lie on the skin and make the complexion appear pale and dull. They block the incoming light reflection. A smooth surface (here the skin) reflects the light better – and we perceive that as a glow.

The brush works like a grain peeling: the bristles gently remove the dead skin cells. You best grab it silicone bristlesbecause this special gently are to the skin. While a grain peeling can cause micro-injuries on the surface of the skin due to its irregular and sometimes sharp particles, this risk does not exist with the cleaning brush.

humidifies your face and the brush with water. Now give your mild, odorless cleaning gel onto the cleansing brush and start massaging the face in circular movements without much pressure. After at least a minute, rinse everything off with water and dab your face with a fresh one Hand towel dry.

2. Chemical Peel

The term “Chemical Peel” probably causes most people to gasp at first. Something chemical on your skin? Help! But fear not: Aside from the fact that every skincare product is “chemistry,” a chemical peel brings out the absolute best in your skin. It removes deposits and dead skin cells, reduces blemishes, refines the complexion and also boosts cell renewal!

In short: It gives you the most beautiful glow you can imagine. “glass skin” is the keyword here! Pay attention to a very gentle formulationthat won’t irritate your skin. Less is more: Especially if you are a peeling beginner, you should at most 2 percent BHA or 6 percent AHA grab (this is always written on the front of the products). You can either apply the chemical peel to a cotton pad or directly to a dry face.

3. Hydrate

humidity is the be-all and end-all at Glowy Skin. Stay away from thick creams! They just clog your pores and look greasy. We layers prefer our skin care for a healthy glow.

We start with one essencewhich has a very liquid texture and moves in quickly. Then comes a moisturizing serum with the active ingredient niacinamide onto the skin. This ingredient ensures an even complexion in the long term and conjures up an instant glow. If you want to go “all in”, you can do one more in the next step Water based gel cream Instruct.

4. Protect to shine

What many do not know: sun protection gives the skin a breathtaking glow. Unfortunately, there are only a few products that modern UV filters do not clog the pores, do not irritate the skin and leave the skin feeling pleasant (admittedly, these are also many requirements). Because otherwise you would have to look for a needle in a haystack, we have one for you here List of the most reliable sunscreens created that look invisible on the skin and feel light. You should never do without sun protection, especially after the chemical peeling!

Glowy makeup for every day

Now that your skin is optimally hydrated, it’s time to shine even more! Ideally, leave your care one half a hour soak in before you start applying your make-up – otherwise the products will roll off your face unattractively.

The key to Glowy Skin and Makeup is using products light-reflecting pigments to use that rather less opacity have. Use your hands and the beauty sponge to achieve an even result. Keep the eyebrows and eye makeup clean so the focus is on the skin.

That is our favourites for glowy makeup:

Step-by-step guide to glowy skin:

1. Apply primer to face like a cream with hands and 30 seconds move in.

2. The glowy foundation with the beauty sponge on the face dab up and fade in evenly. With little product start and, if necessary, build up with another thin layer. Here you will find an overview of our favorite base products for a glowy finish.

3. Dark circles and blemishes selectively with the concealer cover and blend in with the sponge as well.

4. Cream blush absorb with the beauty sponge, dab on the back of your hand and then on your face incorporate – this means that the product is well dosed. Leaves two fingers between nose and cheek and blends the blush upwards towards the temples in dabbing movements. If you still need help applying blush, you can find detailed instructions here.

5. Cream Bronzer Work into the forehead, cheeks and bridge of the nose using the same technique. je longer you dab, the better!

6. The creamy highlighter with the ring finger on the highest parts of the face Dab on: Don’t forget the cheekbones, temples, heart of the lips and the area under the eyebrows! Work in first with the ring finger and then again with the beauty sponge. A small amount of highlighter under the eyes and on the nose also looks fresh and glowy.

7. Now comes this transparent powderfor use. Dab your beauty sponge with the Top into the powder and rub off the excess on the back of your hand. “Less is more” is the keyword here too – otherwise the glow is lost. Now fix the concealer under the eyes with dabbing movements. If you still have too much shine on your forehead, chin or nose, you can also apply powder there. It is only important that you work everything in very long and thoroughly with the beauty sponge.

8th. Finally with that setting spray Spray the sponge and pat each part of the face again. The spray blends all the products together, the powder is less on the skin and the make-up lasts longer.

If you follow this guide, your complexion will outshine the sun.

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