Glamorous Designs for Brides Preparing Dowry – Turkey’s Best Women’s Website

Glamorous Designs for Brides Preparing Dowry – Turkey’s Best Women’s Website +2023

With the opening of the wedding season, the bride candidates were in a hurry to prepare a dowry. Touching all living spaces with its quality and modern line, Cottonbox 2023 Wedding Collection It adds excitement to the bridal bedrooms. All designs prepared with the pure and clean structure of cotton are presented to the taste of those who are going to get married. The specially produced collection shares the happiness of couples preparing for marriage with Platinum sets, satin bedding sets, soft-textured linen tablecloths, embroidered hand towels, energetic pique sets and elegant bedspreads.

Designs That Smell Love…

Satin duvet cover sets included in the Wedding collection add elegance to the bridal beds. Beige, where shiny satin fabric combines with unique patterns and mint duvet cover sets bring the bridal bedrooms together with their refreshing design. Satin duvet cover sets, prepared with thread and embroidery details, are offered to brides with their modern and traditional lines.

Bed cover sets that suit brides…

Bedspreads that complement the bridal rooms and add splendor to the dowry bundles… Bedspread sets prepared with hand embroidery add difference to the bridal rooms. Elegant bedspread sets in beige, anthracite and powder colors continue to make brides smile.

Towels prepared by hand…

Combining dowry chests with glamorous elegance, towels create a unique look in bathrooms and kitchens. Towels designed with guipure and lace details are among the indispensables of the bundles. Towels made of 100 percent cotton make the brides’ work easier in terms of both quality and comfort.

Pique sets that bring spring…

The pique sets, which impress with their simple and elegant lines, add elegance to the new bridal rooms. Stylish piqué sets, which are blended with vibrant colors such as green and tile, and produced from cotton, make you feel comfortable with their soft texture. Pique sets, which are preferred in terms of ease of use with the warming of the weather, are the favorite of newly married couples.

Complementing the dowry, bathrobe sets…

Attracting attention with their light structure and green, powder, gray and beige colors, bathrobe sets share the excitement of new brides. It provides safe use thanks to its 100% cotton structure and high moisture absorbency features. Bathrobe sets, which take their place in dowry chests and never go out of fashion, add energy to new bridal baths.


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