Gayle King calls affair between Amy Robach and TJ Holmes ‘very messy and very sloppy’ on ‘WWHL’ +2023

Gayle King has interfered in the drama that is unfolding Good morning America, not only called it “messy,” but also “very sloppy.” Last night, the former GMA The correspondent shared her thoughts on the Amy Robach and TJ Holmes cheating scandal while performing Watch What Happens Lives with Andy Cohen.

That CBS The co-host was asked if she’s excited about the controversy taking place on GMA, not her current employer, but she didn’t take the bait. King replied, “No. I mean, I look at the situation and say it’s very interesting what’s happening over there.”

She continued, “It’s gotten very messy and very sloppy,” but praised the channel’s initial decision not to take Holmes and Robach off the air, calling the alleged couple “two amicable adults.”

Nevertheless, King told WWHL that she feels the situation has gotten more complicated in the last few days, explaining: “The more you read the more chaotic it gets and I think it’s just a sad situation because you have children involved. You have families involved. I keep thinking about that. Yes, that worries me a lot.”

In this week, GMA pulled Holmes and Robach off the air after their alleged affair, which was first reported by The Daily Mail on November 30th. That day, both parties deleted their social media and Robach was absent from the show’s broadcast. However, as King pointed out, both hosts resumed their duties as co-hosts on the network’s lunchtime program the next day GMA3next to dr Jennifer Ashton.

Unfortunately for gossip dogs and new finds GMA Fans, their time on the air was short-lived. TMZ released a report the following Monday saying the two presenters were pulled from the show indefinitely and have not returned since, despite reports of a surge in viewership.

ABC News President Kim Godwin called the situation an “internal and external distraction” while on the phone with executives, per TMZ. Godwin reportedly said, “I want to say that while this relationship is not a violation of company policy, I’ve really taken my time over the last few days to reflect and work through what I believe is best for the ABC News organization .”

The network has not published any further action plan.

Don Lemon, anchor of CNN This morningresponded to the drama before King got involved WWHL. Lemon urged others not to jump to conclusions and advocated that Holmes and Robach go back on the air.

“I love them and I wish them the very best and I think we should show mercy to people in these situations until we really know what the facts are,” he said per The Daily Mail.

Ever since the news first broke, it has been claimed that Holmes also had a three-year affair with a former show producer.

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