from the madness in the form of cow print to the classic tailored +2023

Despite the fact that it has taken a long time to make an appearance this year, the cold (really) has arrived in our country. During the last few weeks, we had had some days cooler than others, but many of us had not yet taken our coats out of the closet (especially those of us who live in warm places).

Now, we can only think of wearing high boots, thick knit sweaters and warm coats to survive the practically freezing temperatures that mark thermometers throughout the peninsula. In this way, it is time to rescue the coats from the back of the closet and find out which models are trending this autumn-winter 2022/23 so that, If we are going to add new designs to our collection, they must be the most cool this season.

Trend colors for this Fall-Winter 2022/2023 season

Trendy coats this fall-winter 2022/2023: animal print (especially the cow print)

Coats Trend 2023 19

Get ready that curves are coming: this year the coats of Animal Print. Loved by many and hated by many others, coats with cow, leopard or tiger motifs will reign this season. On the catwalk, we have seen them in collections like those of Giambattista Valli.

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Trendy coats this fall-winter 2022/2023: the puffy coat in a thousand colors (better fuchsia or red)

Coats Trend 2023

Puffer coats have been with us for several years and are not going to leave just yet. Of course, this winter not just any model is worth it, the top ones are dyed in Valentino fuchsia or passion red, trend colors this season. If you are looking for references, the parades of VTMNTS either Dior Men They will fulfill your wishes.

Coats Trend 2023 7

Coats Trend 2023 6

Trendy coats this fall-winter 2022/2023: the classic tailor

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The most classic will opt for this option. The usual tailored coats, with a touch oversized they are fashionable and are a ten to create minimalist looks. If you want to stay low profile, stick with a neutral-colored coat and a size that fits your measurements. On the other hand, if what you dream is to make a difference, opt for one size larger and a slightly more striking color so that the result is out of the ordinary.

Coats Trend 2023 5

Coats Trend 2023 8

Trendy coats this fall-winter 2022/2023: the teddy bear

Coats Trend 2023 3

The fabric lovers tasty, furry and warm congratulations this year. Teddy bear-like coats are a must. Regarding the silhouette, most follow the classic lines of the tailored coat, but there are also options without lapels or with long maxi. Of course, in the parade of Max Mara there are designs that are pure love.

Coats Trend 2023 1

Coats Trend 2023 16

Trendy coats this fall-winter 2022/2023: the checkered one

Coats Trend 2023 21

To end this review, we are talking about a print suitable for all tastes: paintings. Last year coats with print were already in fashion Prince of Wales or houndstooth, so if you added a design with these characteristics to your collection you will not need to spend part of your budget to go to the last one. in the collection of Henrik Vibskov there are checkered coats that are really amazing.

Coats Trend 2023 22

Seven jeans that are trending this fall-winter 2022/2023: wide silhouettes are unrivaled

Models to add to our wardrobe and follow the latest trends

Coat Trend

Parfois animal print coat. €69.99.

Checked Light Coat

Two Sisters BCN lightweight checked coat. 175 euro.

Coat Trend 2022

Bershka sand coat. €49.99.

sand colored coat

Coat Trend 5 01

Checkered coat by Sumissura. €308.95.

Screenshot 2022 11 30 At 15 15 50

Herno fur coat. 450 euros in El Corte Inglés.

Herno's fur coat

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