From March 8! Let’s talk about beauty, strength and atypical female professions +2023

All Things Hair congratulates all girls, girls, women on International Women’s Day on March 8! Do you remember that this is not only a beautiful spring holiday?

But also a great reason to remember that girls are just as strong and capable of much as they are beautiful. How to find this balance, not lose motivation and always believe in yourself, the three heroines of this material will tell.

Three girls shared their experience of mastering the “atypical female profession”, as well as the secrets of beauty and style.

Leading boxing coach Maria Nikolaenko:

March 8 long dark hair

I came to boxing 12 years ago. I visited the competition, and I was struck by the atmosphere. I stopped perceiving boxing as a simple “muzzle” in a philistine way. After becoming a professional boxer and then retiring, I decided that I could train people. And, as practice has shown, quite successfully. I am a boxing coach studioswhere, besides me, only men work. But that didn’t stop me from becoming a top coach.

I used to coach men, but now I’m focusing on women. More and more girls today are starting to pay attention to boxing. For some, this is a way to leave the gym and give the pear all the negative energy, for example, after a hard day at work.

In addition, boxing is always an intense workout that burns a lot of calories and helps you lose weight. And one more reason – there are a lot of guys here 🙂

I train women of all ages, from little girls to mature women. By the way, my oldest client is 72 years old.

March 8 bun dark hair

In boxing, I still want to remain beautiful and graceful. I want to move away from the image of an aggressive female boxer who “rushes like a tank.” Plasticity and femininity, even in this sport, do not interfere with achieving high performance and goals.

March long dark wavy hair ponytail

My favorite everyday hairstyle is the ponytail. Sometimes I collect strands in a high bump. I wash my hair every day. With daily intense workouts, it’s no different. My hair is naturally slightly wavy, sometimes it can be difficult to comb it. Therefore, I choose moisturizing care, use leave-in creams and hair oil.

March 8 long dark curly hair

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Daria Kirillova – studying to be an auto mechanic:

March 8 long blonde hair

With the advent of the first car, a new world and additional opportunities opened up for me. I wanted to not just drive, but to understand the whole structure of the car completely. I have been studying auto mechanics for about 7 months, going to classes and watching video tutorials on YouTube. That is, training is both theoretical and practical.

Classes are usually in groups: 3-4 students and a master who shows how things are going and gives some independent work. People who receive secondary specialized education after school more often come to study. But you can simply conclude an agreement and sign up for an internship if you wish.

However, there are quite a few car services that take apprentices. And even fewer of those where they want to take girls. Where I work, not only guys go, I have two “colleagues” – girls.

I was looking for a car service for learning through friends and just calling the nearest organizations. Not everyone wants to take women to study. Some ended up saying: “We will call you back” and did not call back. They could meet with the words: “Why did you come?”

March 8 long wavy blonde hair

When enrolling in auto mechanic courses, they often asked: “Do you want to enroll a boyfriend or son?” They wondered why this was necessary, dissuaded and warned that they would not help in finding employment later. But in the end, I was very lucky with the teacher – he is friendly and absolutely without prejudice.

Would I like to change my profession in the future and devote myself to auto mechanics? I doubt it, because it will not bring the same income as my office job. But I have a dream – to open a car repair shop where only women would work. I would also like to engage in motorsport, buy and collect cars.

I have absolutely no prejudice against women behind the wheel. My opinion is that men often drive more aggressively. Although, of course, each person has his own character and driving style. I also know a few female racers who do just as well as the men.

During the week I work, and on the weekends I try to alternate classes in a car service with sports driving on the track. I also watch video tutorials about cars from morning to night. Despite the fact that half my life I watched only beauty bloggers! Although I still have a passion for cosmetics.

March 8 hat blond shoulder-length hair

In auto mechanic classes, I always wear updos. And in life I love loose hair. Recently I cut my hair and made an elongated caret. I wanted some changes, updates. I try to put it on every day. Plus, it’s wildly trendy right now, and I’m also happy to get rid of the “exhausted hair” at the ends.

Still, I am of the opinion that you should not hold on to the length if the strands are split and damaged. At first I generally wanted a short haircut, but settled on a medium length. An elongated caret is now in trend, and it can always be collected in a ponytail.

I have bleached hair, now I try to choose natural light shades. My hair is quite capricious and fluffy, so I use keratin products and restorative masks.

March 8 blond long bob

Editor’s tip: how to quickly and beautifully lay a caret with a hair dryer? Watch the video tutorial below YouTube channel All Things Hair.

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All Things Hair YouTube Video

Maria Kuleshova — Scrum Master:

March 8 short blond wavy bob hair

I am a social psychologist and have been involved in training and development throughout my professional career. Then, consciously and gradually, she began to focus on the IT field. She learned how to launch programming courses with market experts as a methodologist and producer, to develop internal corporate training for IT employees as a training partner. Then, while exploring my future professional desires, I realized that I wanted to be more involved in Agile and development processes.

Luckily, my company had a big request for Scrum masters (one of the most sought-after IT specialties). So I launched an internal school for their development and was able to upgrade the theoretical and practical skills I needed myself. It turned out that I have a good background, plus I studied quite a lot additionally on my own. At the same time she was trained in coaching and received international certification.

Do I consider my profession atypical for a woman? This is how to look: on the one hand, I do not divide professions into male and female. I am a feminist to the core, and my mother works as a programmer. On the other hand, in development teams in general, there are still significantly more guys than girls.

Little by little, the number of women is increasing, but we still have a long and thorny path to full-fledged diversity. I regularly read stories on Twitter about discrimination against women at interviews or at work – it’s good that they started talking about it, a public discussion began. You go into the Clubhouse room about women in IT, and there they discuss gender quotas, very cool!

March 8 short blond wavy bob hair

In this hopeful spring, I wish everyone to engage in work that pleases, inspires, gives energy and brings the money that the market pays, without division into male and female. Develop, grow, increase your competence and value. IT professions are well paid and should not be dismissed because of stereotypes.

About money, by the way, in general, a complicated story. There are many studies that show that women, on average, earn 30% less than men (yes, there are reservations, but the studied arrays are also large). And also women tend to respond to those vacancies that correspond to 90%.

The average man is more likely to send a resume to a vacancy that matches 50% and ask for relatively more money. Therefore, I advise girls to be more confident in themselves and not artificially narrow the pool of opportunities. They won’t take money for trying, you will only gain experience.

March 8 short blond wavy bob hair

As for my hair type, I do perm about 4-5 times a year for the smallest bobbins. My hair has always lacked volume, it quickly became greasy, so the “chemistry” helped to cope with both of these tasks at once. And I’ve always loved curls. Plus, with them there is much less trouble when laying, they dry quickly, I don’t even dry it with a hairdryer.

The first time I tried a biowave, but it unwound after 2 days. Then I thought: “Well, okay!”, I went and did a classic long-term perm. I liked my curls so much that I repeat them to this day. More often I wear short or medium length hair, I don’t grow it below the collarbones. The other day I accidentally cut my hair very short, and it turned out so great, now I will always walk like this.

I read about sulfates in shampoos and silicones in balms, but so far I have not definitely figured out this issue. I just choose a mid-range care that washes and conditions well. Immediately after curling, I often make masks and style with oil when they grow back – with a spray or serum for curls. In the summer, my hair burns out in the sun, then I paint them myself according to instructions. In this matter, the main thing is not to overexpose the dye. But if anything, I easily part with the length, so I’m not afraid of experiments.

March 8 short blond wavy bob hair

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