from luxury polo shirts to biker soul designs

from luxury polo shirts to biker soul designs +2023

How little importance we sometimes give them and how essential they are in our collection. T-shirts are not usually in the eye of the hurricane when we talk about trends, but they also deserve their dose of attention.

By the next 2023, the street style it opens up endless possibilities: from the boxy white t-shirt that hides little mystery to cut-out designs and biker models. Definitely, our wardrobe will be full of t-shirts that have little to do with each other.

Seven jeans that are trending this fall-winter 2022/2023: wide silhouettes are unrivaled

T-shirts that will be a trend in 2023: the short-sleeved white one

Stockholm Str S23 0215

Let’s start this review off gently. Or rather, with a key piece from the wardrobe: the usual square-cut white T-shirt. For some, a “boring” garment. For others, a great ally. In our case, we are lovers of this type of shirts that combine with absolutely everything. Next year 2023 they will be worn with wide suit pants and pleated skirts.

New York Str S23 1683
New York Str S23 1408
London Str S23 0763
New York Str S23 1487

T-shirts that will be a trend in 2023: full of messages

London Str S23 0960

Since Maria Grazia Chiuri will launch the mythical jersey ‘We Should All Be Feminists‘ in one of his first collections for Dior, everything changed. Now, the t-shirts are used to launch political and feminist messages (among others) to make clear our ideals. In addition, they also have words of encouragement or fun phrases.

London Str S23 0662
Copenhagen Str S23 0209
Trend colors for this Fall-Winter 2022/2023 season

T-shirts that will be a trend in 2023: up the cut-out

Milano Str S23 0728

It’s not new: the cut-out has been with us for several seasons and refuses to say goodbye. Thus, we see t-shirts with holes in different places, such as the neckline, the sleeves or the sides of the abdomen. In addition to t-shirts, fine knit sweaters also add to this trend.

Milano Str. S23 0167
Paris Str S23 1897

T-shirts that will be a trend in 2023: it’s time to rescue the poles

Milano Str S23 1265

Many of us remember our parents wearing polo shirts in the 90s and it seems that its bad reputation has been torn down with the passage of time. Miu miu Y louis viutton sign the most desired poles of the moment. Both options exceed 900 euros, so one of our missions for 2023 is to hunt version clones. low cost, we are attentive

Paris Str S23 2623
Paris Str S23 2682
Paris Str S23 2587

T-shirts that will be a trend in 2023: the motomami

Milano Str S23 1745

Rosalía is not only a musical phenomenon on a global scale, the Catalan also sets trends in the universe beauty and in the world of fashion. The release of her work ‘Motomami’ put in the front row the biker aesthetic and the shirts are not left aside. Colors like red, black or yellow will dominate the terrain.

Milano Str S23 0045

T-shirts that will rock it yes or yes

T-shirts 3

Pull&Bear cut-out T-shirt. €12.99.

T-shirts Trend

Bershka T-shirt. €17.99.

Long-sleeve T-shirt
T shirt

Two Sisters BCN ‘Keep Going’ t-shirt. 59 euro.

Screenshot 2022 12 01 At 12 18 02

Adicolor 70s unisex knit off white polo shirt from adidas Originals. 70 euros in Asos.

adidas Originals unisex adicolor 70s knit polo shirt off white

adidas Originals unisex adicolor 70s knit polo shirt off white

White T-shirt

Venca white t-shirt. €5.99.

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