French Bun: Elegant twist for short and long hair

French Bun: Elegant twist for short and long hair +2023

French bun Elegant twist for short and long hair

Those who like to style their hair elegantly will not get enough of this French bun.


This French bun is just as quick to twist as a bun, but looks a lot more elegant. In the video we show you step by step how to easily create the trend hairstyle.

You have no time and don’t really want to style your hair in an exciting way? Then grab a hair tie to make a quick bun. But even if it has to be quick and easy, there is an alternative to our favorite hairstyle: the French bun! This is also called “French Twist” because you wrap your hair around your finger.

French bun: with a twist for an elegant hairstyle

It doesn’t matter whether it’s fashion or hair styling: the French set the most beautiful trends that look effortlessly chic. Also this elegant hairstyle is inspired by our neighboring country and brings Parisian chic closer. All you need are bobby pins and the muse to twist your hair into a trendy French bun.

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