Frame cut or the cut that adapts to all face shapes and you should try +2023

With each change of season We renew our wardrobe, our manicure betting on new nail colors and also our hair with the new trend haircuts.

In addition, bangs have become a trend in recent months and have been going strong for this season. autumn-winter in which we will see them everywhere. Therefore, nothing like combining your new cut hair like him frame cut that combines the benefits of cleaning the hair with the bangs to give a new air to your look.

What is the frame cut?

If you still do not know which is the haircut that best suits all shapes of the face, it is the frame cut, the one we see everywhere. In addition, the hairdressers themselves confirm it to us. According to what María José Llata ​​de Hairdresser Llata ​​Career: “The frame cut it is one of the most feminine and versatile cuts because he plays with shorter or longer layerssofter or more defined that can be adapted to bring out the best features of all the face shapes. Definitely short or long but defined layers are back.”

The layers in these types of cuts are cut strategically at the strands of hair closer to the face for stylize your features. It does not matter if you have short or long hair, they can always be adapted to the length that you choose. A trick that we have also seen for this type of cut is to make some highlights. balayage around the face or wear it with versatile bangs. Also, the great advantage of framing layers is that they grow gradually and do not require frequent appointments to the salon.

Who can you be inspired by for this haircut?

When it comes to inspiring you to wear the frame cut, we put our beauty magnifying glass on the cut worn by Jennifer Aniston or Sienna Miller. With shorter layers in the front area to create contouring on the face and longer layers on the rest of the hair.

Sienna Miller and the layers, her best ally to dazzle

Sienna Miller and the layers, her best ally to dazzleGtres

charo garcaof Ilitia Beauty & Sciencefrom Balmaseda (Bizkaia), also tells us that the frame cut “It will be one of the trends for this new season, with its multitude of versions. Two of the most versatile are the long frame cut: with long layered hairespecially with more pronounced layers around the face, than elevating the long hairstyle with the middle or side parting or the bob frame cutwhich frames the chin length capes around the face, softening this hairstyle and accentuating its features.” In addition, the cutting expert assures us that it is very flattering on women. round faces and thick hair.

Jennifer Aniston with the haircut for this fall

Jennifer Aniston with the haircut for this fallGtres

This haircut can also be done with bangs (which is now a trend), because you can wear it shorter or longer, curtain type as Dakota Johnson wears it faithful to this most flattering haircut.

Dakota Johnson with bangs and frame cut

Dakota Johnson with bangs and frame cutGtres

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