Four tricks to winterize your makeup

Four tricks to winterize your makeup +2023

ice ice baby Four tricks to winterize your makeup

Influencer Lea Naumann in Copenhagen.

Influencer Lea Naumann in Copenhagen.

© Streetstyleshooters / Getty Images

Winter presents our skin with one or the other challenge. But with the right tricks, we can really deliver when it comes to beauty even in the cold season. We’ll show you how

It’s getting colder outside! For many of us, that means chapped lips and dry skin. Requirements that don’t exactly play into our hands when applying make-up. Because let’s be honest, nobody wants ugly ones panda eyes or chapped lips where lipstick settles. We show you the four tricks with which you can make your make-up suitable for winter.

Secret weapon against dry lips

Red lips are very popular, especially in winter. Who here on Liquid lipstick takes quite a risk. Although the liquid lipstick is often extremely strong, it dries out the already chapped lips even more. If you still don’t want to do without colored lips, you can simply mix your liquid lipstick with some lip care. The creamy finish is modern and provides the lips with color and care. Jackpot!

Lindsey Wixson in Milan.

Lindsey Wixson in Milan.

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Safety First

Turtlenecks, scarves and the like may look great, but they are a real challenge for anyone who wears make-up. Colored powder in particular can leave dirt on dark clothes and accessories. So we prefer to fix our make-up in the cold season with a hydrating fixing spray. If you really don’t want to do without powder, you’d better use a transparent variant in this case. Our washing machine will thank us!

Bye bye panda eyes!

Now that our makeup is in place, we’re about to face the next problem: smeared mascara! Anyone who dares to leave the house in wind and weather often struggles with tears in their eyes. That means the mascara is often gone before we even get to our date. A waterproof mascara is definitely a must on days like this! Especially with the lower eyelashes, it avoids unsightly ones panda eyes.

Model at Fashion Week in Denmark.

Model at Fashion Week in Denmark.

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It all comes down to foreplay

There are things that we can pay attention to, not only when applying make-up directly. When it comes to skin care, too, we can prepare the skin for the cold world out there. Excess skin cells make the complexion even paler than it already is in winter. And who wants that? That’s why it’s all the more important to rid our skin of the little troublemakers with gentle peelings. The extra care is also noticeable when applying make-up and concealer. Promised!


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