Footballer Lea Schüller: She adorns the cover of German Vogue

Footballer Lea Schüller: She adorns the cover of German Vogue +2023

The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: Lea Schüller is the cover girl of German “Vogue” +++ Armpit Detox: why the latest beauty trend is overrated +++ Jeremy Scott is leaving Moschino +++ This is how we make up the eyeliner from the 90s.

Current fashion and beauty news in the BRIGITTE ticker:

March 24, 2023

Footballer Lea Schüller graces the cover of German “Vogue”

For the April issue of the German “Vogue” has editor-in-chief Kerstin Weng picked someone very special: professional soccer player Lea Schuller, 25. With a tight ponytail and in noble Wearing a black and white outfit, she poses – how could it be otherwise – with a soccer ball in her hand.

As German Champion 2021, Vice-European Champion 2022, Top Scorer in the Bundesliga 2021/2022 and Footballer of the Year 2022, the 25-year-old national player has a lot to show for it. “Rethink” is the name of the cover line of the issue – a slogan that is very important to Lena. She is committed to visibility and equality in German football.

March 23, 2023

Armpit Detox promises sweat-free armpits – but is that really true?

Sweat is a topic that we prefer to suppress in everyday life because it is associated with shame. People who sweat a lot suffer from stains on clothing and possible odor build-up. The result: you use a strong deodorant to counteract the smell of sweat. According to many TikTok stars, the long-term consumption of aluminum-containing deodorant leads to clogged pores, which is why they are now giving their armpits a detox with cleansing clay masks. But is that really true? And how well do the armpit masks work? We have at Dr. Sarah Bechstein, dermatologist & founder of FORMEL Skin, asked.

BRIGITTE: Is it true that conventional aluminum deodorants clog our pores?

Miss Dr. Sarah Bechstein: Aluminum salts have a sweat-reducing effect by closing the ducts of the sweat glands, which is not the same as clogging the pores. Aluminum salts, especially in deodorants, have been the subject of heated debate for a number of years. That they increase the chance of developing breast cancer or Alzheimer’s. So far, however, there have been no studies that even give an indication of this.

What can detox masks do under the armpits?

With detox armpit masks, it is believed that conventional deodorants contain strong pollutants and that it is better to use natural deodorants. A detox mask with healing earth or activated charcoal, for example, should make the transition easier. Basically, even deodorants with aluminum salts do not stay in our skin permanently. You sweat if you forgot your deodorant for a day. In principle, it is possible to switch to a natural deodorant without using a detox mask first.

Are masks recommended under the armpits?

The skin under the armpits has an increased number of sweat glands. If it is irritated, for example by shaving, you can use a nourishing mask, for example with aloe vera. If impurities are found, you can use healing earth. Masks do not reduce sweating.

It can therefore be said that masks under the armpits can be an effective choice for blemishes or skin irritations, but they have no effect on our sweat glands. If you want to switch to a natural deodorant, you can do this without a detox cure.

March 21, 2023

After 10 years: Jeremy Scott leaves the fashion house Moschino

It are news that for a lot of fuss in the fashion world. After more than ten years, creative director Jeremy Scott is leaving the Italian fashion house Moschino. The label and the designer announce this in a statement. I had a great time creating designs that will live forever, the designer writes on Instagram. Jeremy Scott was behind creations that caused a stir around the world. Collections inspired by an American fast food chain, looks that look like they came straight out of a comic and playful outfits from the world of Beauty and the Beast – one can argue about the wearability of his designs, but not about Jeremy’s creative talent. So far it is unclear where the designer is headed. I’m full of anticipation to tell you what I have in store for you, it says on his Instagram page. His successor is also unknown.

March 20, 2023

The Underliner is back! Now we wear the edgy statement look in everyday life

’90s grunge is back more than ever: in both fashion and beauty. So it was only a matter of time before the underliner made a comeback alongside lots of black lace and flounces. While in recent years the eyeliner above the lash line was loved and lived — keyword: prominent wing at the outer corner of the eye — the lower waterline is now being used again. Stars like Jenna Ortega, Ines Tazi, Zoë Kravitz or Kylie Jenner are currently proving that enough.

The dark liner gives the eyes expression and gives them a seductive frame. Yes, the statement look can now also be worn in everyday life and, in combination with brown or gray eyeshadow, becomes a modern grunge version. Practical: you don’t get lost in time-consuming and precise details, the more fleeting and without outline the better. Simply apply an eyeshadow base to the movable eyelid and dab on a greyish or brownish eyeshadow with your fingers. Tip: Place some of the product below the waterline. With a kohl kajal, black is now very gently applied to the lower waterline and at the same time the upper lash line is emphasized. Let the lines converge on the outside and smudge them with a blender brush. Et voilà, the grunge liner à la 90s is done.

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