Following Meghan Markle’s event, Catherine Middleton opts for a green dress along with Princess Diana’s famous emerald choker +2023

Despite various controversies and criticisms that have followed recent bombastic events, the Princess of Wales Catherine Middleton has undauntedly shone. Since the day she joined the royal family, everyone including senior royal members believed that she is the perfect successor to Lady Diana. From the famous sapphire engagement ring to the emerald necklace, she was the rightful owner of everything.

Catherine Middleton’s last ongoing tour of the United States has been quite eventful so far. She became the new talk of the town when she graced the Earth Shot Awards ceremony with the Future King, Prince William. Though certain controversies surrounding the Sussexes had plunged them into a quagmire of criticism, Middleton’s recent look has left viewers speechless. After Meghan Markle’s glorious green mini dress at the Power of Women event, it’s Catherine who captures everyone’s hearts.

Catherine Middleton wears Princess Diana’s emerald choker at the event

The history of the royal emerald dates back to the reign of Princess Diana when the Queen of Hearts wore it twice, each time in her own amazing style. After the trip to Australia in 1993 and 1985, however, the necklace has not been seen again to this day. The now Princess of Wales and the Queen-waiting for the British throne wore a form-fitting green dress. Complementing her subtle ensemble was Diana’s precious emerald choker, which rested comfortably around her neck.

reports It is said that the former Princess of Wales once wore it as a headband during her trip to Australia. As the story goes, the choker got stuck on the princess’s head while dressing for an event. Although it wasn’t the right way to wear the shiny jewelry, Lady Diana liked the way it looked on her head. During her famous unforgettable dance with Prince Charles, she was clearly seen wearing it the way she wanted.

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The late monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, gave it to her after her marriage to Prince Charles. It goes back further to the times of Queen Mary. The Indiana ladies had given it to her in 1911. This is how the choker made its way into the British royal family for the first time. Catherine Middleton, the future Queen of Great Britain, was the rightful heir to the age-old luxury.

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