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Carmen Gimeno always inspires us, and this time he has done it with a look with which he has surprised us and at the same time we have loved it. The influencer is an expert in signing those Zara garments that soon hang the sold-out sign. Well, now she has done it with pants that we are sure are going to be a hit because they are perfect for Christmas looks.

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But watch out! Because far from wearing them in a fixed outfit, she has given them a new life by incorporating them into a casual look that she has finished off with Adidas sneakers. More modern and favored impossible. Look at her because her proposal is the best and we are going to tell you everything about her.

Zara pants by Carmen Gimeno

The Zara pants that Carmen Gimeno has signed are full of virtues. In addition to the originality of its fabric, its shape could not be more flattering. This season flowy garments are in fashion a lot, and this is something we love because they are comfortable, they do not mark anything and they look good on everyone. Something to which must be added that they are high-waisted, something with which they stylize to the maximum. So these pants are one of those proposals with which you make sure to go impeccable. without having to be aware of how they feel.

Carmen Gimeno

Carmen Gimeno

Carmen Gimeno with Zara pants.

How Carmen Gimeno has combined her Zara pants

As soon as we’ve seen these pants, we have imagined them in a Christmas look due to their shine and the elegance they exude. But the influencer has shown us that with them you can go further. She has reinvented them in a casual look with basic garments that has completely conquered us. Carmen Gimeno has worn a basic white t-shirt, a long gray cardigan that seems to be super warm, and has incorporated a black belt with which she has stylized her figure to the maximum. And if we liked something, it was the footwear that he chose.

The influencer has an enviable collection of sneakers, and this time she has opted for classic Adidas with which she has ipso facto modernized these shiny pants from Zara. A daring proposal that looks great and with which to go very comfortable on a day-to-day basis.

How to wear Zara pants in a Christmas look

as we told you, these Zara pants are ideal for creating super cute and elegant Christmas looks. As a proposal, you can wear them with a white blouse tucked into the pants, a black blazer and classic high-heeled shoes. You will not need anything else to give all the prominence to this garment and have an elegant look, easy to wear and with which to show off your best version.

We copied Carmen Gimeno’s pants in Zara

After seeing Carmen Gimeno, We are clear that these Zara pants are a super signing that you can get a lot of use out of. So we have gone to the online store of the Inditex firm to sign them up, and we are in luck because they are available. So we share them with you so that you can locate them quickly. and you can also get hold of them.

Zara glitter pants
Zara (REF-8720/172)

Zara glitter pants

Zara glitter pants.

Also, we bring you similar Adidas shoes to yours, to which you will also give a lot of life because you can wear them with all your casual looks, to rejuvenate them and be very comfortable.

Adidas shoes
Adidas (Superstar Shoes)
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