Florida sheriff says new school’s disciplinary policy will be students’ ‘worst nightmare’ +2023

A Florida sheriff announced a new disciplinary policy at Brevard County schools that promised to become the “disruptive” youth’s “worst nightmare.”

in one Video Sheriff Wayne Ivey, posted to Facebook, promises a “brand new day” for discipline in the Florida school district. While it’s unclear exactly what the new policy will entail, Ivey said students are no longer afraid of discipline “like in the old days” when “their cheeks get their ass ripped off.”

“If you’re a little snot who comes into our classes to disrupt our classes, maybe you should find somewhere else to go to school because we’re going to be your worst nightmare from now on,” Ivey said, standing in front of the school Brevard County Jail complex.

Corresponding Florida today, the details of this promised new policy aren’t clear, though Brevard County School Board Chairman Matt Susin reportedly said it was the “most productive policy the school district has ever had.” Ivey said teachers at Brevard schools are powerless to discipline students, which will change under the new policy.

Ivey said a small group of runaway students were “putting the lives of others at risk and attacking our teachers both physically and verbally”. The Brevard Federation of Teachers Union backed the claim on Facebook post that “students are verbally and physically abusing teachers and staff and there is no end in sight unless meaningful systemic changes are made.” The teachers’ union noted in the post that they “did not agree with the language or passage used in Ivey’s speech.”

Florida today There were reportedly fewer criminal, violent, or disruptive incidents in the school district during the 2020-2021 school year compared to previous years (it’s not clear if distance learning due to COVID lockdowns would affect this number). Suspension rates are comparable to districts of a similar size Florida today.

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