Five manicures that rejuvenate the hands and are perfect at 50 +2023

The hands are like the contour of the eyes, if they are not given too much attention and care, premature aging quickly makes an appearance. As we have said many times, moisturizing hand cream is a basic treatment to keep hands beautiful and conditioned, but we can also ally with makeup and rejuvenate hands with proper manicures.

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A good manicure can make hands look prettier, stylized and very stylish. To attract attention and leave age in the background, manicures that subtract years are ideal, which rejuvenate at the stroke of nail art and avoid excessive lengths. For it, the most convenient and flattering length is short nails or oval nails, avoiding extra long nails that do not help hands with wrinkles or marked veins look more flattering.

Porcelain nails

Enamels in natural tones is a basic that never fails and works great on the hands of people over 50, but anyone can wear such an elegant and beautiful manicure. As they are light tones, they illuminate the hands a lot and they work just as well on short nails as they do on oval or slightly almond shaped nails.

Silver glitter design

This is how beautiful these nails are that look sophisticated and jovial in equal measure. Now that the holidays are here, we also find beautiful brighter and more party-oriented designs. these nails have a natural pink base and one vertical line made with silver glitter that brings a different and special touch.

The classic red with a twist

We know that red tones are very flattering and when we are celebrating our birthday we do not have to give them up, but we do choose the right red. The reds that look best are those with an orange undertone and reds with bluish undertones should be avoided as they add up to years. We love this red manicure because it combines this color with a fuchsia pink applied to the cuticle like a reverse French manicure.

an extra light

Another perfect manicure for the holidays and effect anti aging It is this one in golden tones. Is about a light gradient with glitter from the tips to the middle of the nails. And the result is as beautiful as it is bright and if we complement it with golden rings, the anti-aging effect is even greater.

Different shades of nudes

The combinations of tones cannot be missing if we are looking to subtract years in our hands. The nude tones and powdery roses they are wonderful shades. And if we put them together to create manicures playing with different alternate tones, the result is very interesting and helps a lot to make the hands look well-groomed and polished.

Photos | @tombachik, @betina_goldstein, @leminimacaron

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