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Ali Skovbye

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The story of Tully and Kate’s friendship continues Firefly Lane Season 2. The first 9 episodes of the second and final season were released on Netflix on December 2nd. In both the past and present, Tully and Kate experience ups and downs both as best friends and as individuals. In episode 7, young Tully is finally given the opportunity to confront her rapist in a poignant and powerful moment. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY Ali Skovbye about this defining moment for teenage Tully.

Ali Skovbye
Ali Skovbye and Roan Curtis in Season 2 of Firefly Lane. (netflix)

“I think what’s so impressive about this scene is saying out loud what he did here, specifically saying ‘You raped me.’ I think saying that to that person, your abuser or whoever it is is so empowering,” Ali said. “I think for a long time she suppresses everything, but especially here she suppresses it and suppresses it and suppresses it. I guess the job is never done, especially with PTSD related issues. I think you always struggle and it’s a journey and a struggle that you go through every day. But I think it’s really empowering to finally be able to say those words to him and hear them out loud, not just for him but for her, and to be able to fully come to terms with what’s happening to me happened and hear it. I think there’s probably a lot Tully, knowing Tully, wants to do, but I think hearing those words is enough to push her even further.

She added, “I think hearing those words out of your mouth is such a viscerally real experience for so many people… Everyone has a different experience, but hearing yourself say, accepting that this happened is one.” really powerful thing, and something that I think really helps to rediscover yourself and then come out the other side.”

Pat shows up at Tully’s work place with his new girlfriend. Tully tries to warn the young girl in the bathroom about Pat, but the girl says she doesn’t believe Tully. Later, Tully witnesses a tense fight between Pat and the girl, which ultimately results in Tully talking to Pat in the face. Ali noted that Tully would definitely still have wanted to confront Pat even if he hadn’t been there with another girl. “I don’t know if maybe she would have done it for sure, but I think the presence of another girl and the possibility of that happening again is the main reason she did it,” she said HollywoodLife. “I mean, if you want to confront the person who did this to you, that’s kind of your own business. But when someone else is involved, it no longer becomes just yours. It’s going to be, okay, I have a responsibility here now to make sure this woman doesn’t have to go through what I went through.”

Ali Skovbye
Ali Skovbye as young Tully Hart. (netflix)

More so than in the first season, teenagers Tully and Kate face major obstacles in their friendship in season 2. Tully struggles as she is forced to move away from Kate and discovers that Kate is making new friends. “I think we saw early in the first season that she doesn’t actually have anyone, and then she finds Kate and falls in love with Kate in a sort of platonic best friend way and trusts her and relies on her, so if that’s not for her there’s more, I think it’s a really difficult thing for her to deal with and go through and see how she has other friends and all these things happen,” Ali said.

The actress admitted that Tully is “a little too protective of Kate because Kate is all she’s got. Seeing her do things without her and her friendship going through ups and downs like all friendships do is really, really hard for her to navigate and understand. I think that’s where her loneliness comes from, because when things aren’t 100% at Kate, things aren’t 100% at Tully. I think we’re seeing that journey a lot more this season as the friendship might be a little rockier this season, but I think it pulls through. It’s a very big season for Tully with self-discovery.”

In their teenage years, Tully and Sean’s relationship becomes a focal point in season 2. Tully and Sean’s closeness allows them to be honest with each other in a way they can’t with Kate. When Sean tries to figure out his sexuality, Tully is there for him and supports him. In return, Sean assists Tully as she tries to break free from her attack.

“Tully loves Kate so much and everyone related to Kate, Tully loves so much – her parents, her brother, everything to do with Kate is Tully’s everything. She already loves Sean so much and I think it’s really nice that they’re both fighting so hard and coming to the realization that they’re both not doing so well,” Ali explained. “They both fight. They both love each other so much and can help each other get through some of the most difficult times for both of them. I think it’s really nice to see how they connect like that. i love their friendship I believe it’s true. I feel like everyone needs someone like that just there to protect and help them. It’s not necessarily that hot romance thing, it’s just like, okay, we’re both stuck. we love each other Let’s see if we can help each other.”

Tully’s complicated relationship with her mother, Cloud, continues to be a common thread for Tully, both past and present. Cloud is far from perfect, but Tully loves her mother unconditionally. “I think a lot of people can relate that if they have a parent, the relationship is a little bit toxic, but they are your parents and you love them so much,” the actress said. “I think unconditional love for a parent is no matter how crappy they can be at times, you will always love them. It’s like a sibling. You will always love them no matter how shit they are to you and how many things they do.”

Ali Skovbye
Ali Skovbye and Roan Curtis as Tully and Kate. (netflix)

Tully and Cloud’s relationship is deepened by the fact that Tully never found out who her father was. Aside from Kate, Ali noted that Cloud is the “only other extension” of Tully. “Tully will always remember the good moments as well as the bad, that’s why she will always love them and will always come back for remembering those moments, because they have true, tender, loving mother-daughter moments,” added her. “It’s not just this one-sided, horrible relationship. They share a lot with each other. I think we often put our parents on too high a pedestal. She was young and sometimes you’re in a situation you can’t handle. Even if you don’t see it, she tries. And I think Tully sees that in the good moments, and that’s why she will always have unconditional love for her.”

Ali and the cast have already wrapped up filming the final 10 episodes, which will be released in 2023 end of production was a moment that came full circle for Ali and his co-star Roan Curtiswho plays young Kate. “We were the very first scene of the show in Season 1, and we were the very last scene of the show ever. It was a very complete story and a smooth moment from where we started and when we ended,” Ali said.

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