‘Fire James Gunn’ trends on Twitter as thousands of fans come out to get revenge on the DC reboot the director is planning +2023

Two months ago, filmmaker James Gunn was appointed as one of the CEOs of the newly formed DC Studios. This announcement raised many eyebrows as there was speculation that it could lead to major changes in the DCU. Well, it turned out to be true, and the director ditched all of Warner Bros.

According to recent reports, the future of Justice League 2 was stopped due to Safran and Gunn having different plans for the DCU. Meanwhile, fans fear what will happen to their favorite superheroes like Superman. Thousands of fans are taking their anger out on Twitter and fighting back against the DC reboot the director is planning.

James Gunn may be scrapping the current DC Universe

Corresponding The Hollywood Reporter, James Gunn and Peter Safran plan a new era of DCEU. It turns out they may start things off with a clean slate. Because they cancelled wonder woman 3, and it will not go forward. So all Gal Gadot fans will not see Princess Diana saving lives and traveling the world.

This reboot has also cast shadows on other popular characters played by popular actors like Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa. Because the Man of Steel star recently appeared in Dwayne Johnson’s Black AdamHis fans aren’t ready to say goodbye to him or the antihero who recently left fans in love.

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Now the fans have started a war against them Guardians of the Galaxy Director on Twitter asking for its removal. A post specified Henry Cavill’s return as #superman in the DCU could already be dead” as they restart the universe.

Another fan said: James Gunn is not a DC guy! He likes weak C-List characters that are damn close to D-List that nobody knows about and tries to make them as big as Trinity!”

Fans send wild tweets screaming at the director

What do you think? Is this upheaval in the DC Universe a threat to Henry Cavill’s Superman? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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