Fashion trends: We look at these 5 styles from the French +2023

Casual but elegant
5 Exciting Styles French Women Are Wearing Now

Casual but elegant: 5 exciting styles that French women are wearing now

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They don’t follow trends, they set them. We show here which five parts French women are currently relying on.

Tousled hair, confident look and the look? Kept simple. But somehow they seem so clean and timeless. How do the French do it? In short: You simply got the hang of fashion! Regardless of the occasion, they look elegant but also casual. Her style is simple and mostly limited to basics like jeans, t-shirts or blazers. Depending on the season, there are also well-chosen trends that emphasize the look without overpowering it. We’ve picked five exciting styles that French women are now incorporating into their wardrobes, or bringing out of the depths of their closets — and so are we, of course!

5 styles that style-conscious French women are currently wearing

1. Cozy XXL wool scarves

Of course, the French are freezing too! But wear a fluffy down jacket? No chance. Luckily there is a cuddly statement accessory that the style icons cannot do without in autumn and winter: XXL scarves! They are as cuddly as a blanket and add value to any outfit. Even if the French usually do without bright colors, they let off steam all the more with the large-area scarves. Popular? The thick wool scarves from the Scandinavian label Acne Studios.

2. Classic military blazer

Is the classic utility look a thing of the past? As a blazer, it is a true classic that mainly comes in muted colors such as khaki, olive green, beige or grey. But the French have also discovered modern variants of houndstooth via Vichy. The strict cut and the golden buttons give every look that certain sophistication.

3. Colorful retro stripes from the 70s

Black and white stripes have been part of the basic outfit of every French woman ever since. Now they get a special twist: because the 70s are back. And with their colorful retro stripes! No matter whether as a sweater, dress or cadigan. The stripes look great with the basic wardrobe and also keep you nice and warm.

4. Edgy pieces from the men’s department

The motto of French women? Stole from a friend or the men in the family! It doesn’t matter whether it’s the oversized shirt, the top buttons of which remain undone effortlessly, the voluminous jacket or the tie, which becomes a casual fabric chain. Of course, you can also buy the individual parts yourself. The insider tip: When shopping, choose one size larger for individual items such as leather jackets or coats. It looks casual – as if you didn’t set out to make a fashion statement with your look.

5. Casual suit vests

Not only the designers of various labels have discovered the waistcoat trend for themselves this season. Of course, the it-piece from the 90s has also arrived in the fashion capital of Paris. No wonder, because classic suit waistcoats are real style all-rounders that don’t need much. In combination with muted tones, they fit into any wardrobe. Particularly casual: the matching suit trousers or a fine turtleneck sweater.


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