Fashion trend 2023: All fashionistas are now wearing this new it-piece +2023

“Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama”
Everyone is now wearing this new it-piece

Princess Rania of Jordan was the first to carry the bag on a visit to Rome.

Princess Rania of Jordan was the first to carry the bag on a visit to Rome.

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The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: This new “Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama” collection is now worn by every it girl +++ video trend shows that natural skin structures are completely normal.

Current fashion and beauty news in the BRIGITTE ticker:

December 23, 2022

We should remember this it-piece for 2023

We see a bag everywhere at the moment – will it be the it-piece in 2023? Louis Vuitton’s polka dot Capucines bag is a collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. The complete collection will not be available until January 2023 – but some It-Girls are already allowed to wear the colorful pieces. For fashion icon Chiara Ferragni, the bag is a real eye-catcher. Captioning her Instagram post, she wrote: “Today I’m wearing the cutest polka dot @louisvuitton Capucines bag from their new collection with artist Yayoi Kusama”

Celebs like Miranda Kerr proudly pose with the new bag on Instagram. But that’s not all: even Queen Rania wears it. We are sure that we will see this collection on many more hands in 2023!

December 21, 2022

Internet trend focuses on more authenticity

Normally, content on social media promotes perfection and flawlessness. A new video trend on Instagram and TikTok now proves the opposite. Users demonstrate that their skin can look different under their makeup in different lights. In the well-illuminated light, the face appears free of pores – as soon as the light conditions change, a normal skin structure appears.

The comments show: This trend is well received! For many users it is refreshing to see more authenticity. The videos show how normal it is that skin isn’t always smooth and flawless. In any case, we are looking forward to a little more reality in the social networks!

December 20, 2022

Purelei x Emily in Paris: These gems aren’t just for series fans

The third season of Emily in Paris is about to start! From the 23rd, Lily Collins and Co. will spoil us again with drama, fun and really stylish looks. If you want to wear Emily’s style in Paris at home, you’re in luck! The popular jewelery label Purelei has its own collection, inspired by the Netflixshow designed. From hip pieces with pearls to playful parts with an Eiffel Tower motif – not only Paris fans will find what they are looking for in the collection. the collection is now available online.

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