Fans go wild when Zachary Fox’s bizarre prediction about Kanye West turns out to be true +2023

Did Zachary Fox Predict West’s Future? Kanye West went from billionaire to banned artist in a matter of months. The singer has made anti-Semitic comments and, instead of retracting them, he’s doubling down on them through interviews and social media. His infamous opinions have caused him to lose many fans, but the artist remains unaffected.

No one could have predicted that Ye, known for his music, would become known for his bold commentary. As it turns out, comedian Zachary Fox predicted the artist’s statements years before they actually happened.

What did Zachary Fox predict about Kanye West and his anti-Semitic views?

Kanye West is known for making controversial statements, but he managed to break through that barrier by refusing to admit the extent of the damage caused by the Holocaust. A Twitter User recently posted an old tweet from Abbott Elementary School actor and captioned it, “This guy knew where Kanye West was going in 2018 and no one was listening.” the tweet said, “I highly recommend getting off the Kanye train before it inevitably hits the ‘Hitler was a good guy’ stop.” It was released on September 30, 2010. Back then, people must have thought it was a joke, but nobody expected it to be true.

It also sparked debate among fans, with some thinking that Hitler wasn’t the epitome of evil and that there are far worse people in the world. A user posted a collage of all of the previous articles showing signs of Yes’ increasing support for the Nazi leader.

While some fans were also quick to defend the Gold Digger singer, saying that Ye likes Hitler doesn’t mean he’s a good guy, he simply looked at the Nazi leader from a different perspective.

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Regardless of the right, his comments have sparked debate on a very controversial issue, and fears of normalizing his opinions are real. What do you think of Yes’ opinions? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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