Eyelash trick: That’s why you shouldn’t try this beauty hack +2023

Viral eyelash trick
That’s why you shouldn’t try this beauty hack

Viral eyelash trick you'd better not try

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The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: An eyelash trick is supposed to make it easier to glue fake lashes – but it backfires.

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December 27, 2022

New eyelash trick is more dangerous than expected

After strong contouring was the trend in recent years, the focus in the new year is once again on the natural look. Instead of make-up, eye shadow or lipstick, brow gel, mascara or false eyelashes are becoming increasingly important. A viral trend for eyelash gluing on social media platforms promises long eyelashes, of course, but it is not as harmless as it first appears.

Makeup artist Susanne Krammer tried the beauty hack of covering the top edge of the false lashes with glue and then placing them on the waterline of the eye. After closing and opening the eyes, the lashes should now be perfectly positioned on the upper eyelid. It sounds easy, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that well in practice.

Instead of the artificial lashes connecting to the eyelash arch, the glue runs into the eye and the eye starts to burn terribly. This type of beauty hack definitely belongs in the stay away category.

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