Eyelash curler: The way to the perfect curl

Eyelash curler: The way to the perfect curl +2023

eyelash curler The way to the perfect look

Eyelash Curler: Woman Makeup Beauty Tool

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With an eyelash curler, beautifully curved eyelashes are guaranteed. We’ll tell you how best to use the popular beauty tool and how your eyes will look wow.

Do you always wonder how you look so much fresher and more awake in a matter of seconds – as soon as you optically open your eyes with mascara? At least that’s how it is for us. But not only our favorite mascara, but above all the use of an eyelash curler can ensure that the eyelashes (and our radiance) really get swing. So that you and your eyelash curler become a real dream couple, we took a look around and put together the best eyelash curlers, but also important tips and tricks.

Eyelash curler: Look me in the eye, little one

Long, curved eyelashes – that’s what every woman dreams of. They are not given to all. But that’s no reason to despair. Whether you use an eyelash serum, a good mascara or an eyelash curler, you can get the best out of what you have without having to run straight to the beauty salon. When it comes to eyelash curlers, there are primarily two options: using a conventional eyelash curler or choosing one heated eyelash curler. What do you prefer?

Which is the best eyelash curler?

Whether electric or classic is purely a question of taste. Because even in terms of price, there are such big differences in the non-heatable versions that there are no significant differences between the two variants. You can only do one thing wrong: don’t own an eyelash curler.

The classic remains undefeated

The classic eyelash curler will know most. She looks a bit like a cross between pliers and scissors. The eyelashes are bent by hand between two pads; With the electric version of the eyelash curler, you push a kind of controller upwards, and the heat automatically bends the eyelashes. The result is the same: a beautiful curl of the eyelashes.

So while the classic is clamped between the thumb and forefinger like scissors, the electric eyelash curlers are usually shaped like a pen. As I said: a matter of taste. Both variants are comfortable to hold.

It’s that easy

The use of a manual eyelash curler is almost child’s play. But you should keep these four tips in mind:

  1. An eyelash curler is always used BEFORE applying the mascara. The mascaraed eyelashes become too hard and could break. And even the best eyelash curler cannot get broken eyelashes going.
  2. Concentrate while applying the eyelash curler so you don’t accidentally pinch your eyelid.
  3. Bring the eyelash curler to the eye and close the pads; hold the eyelash curler closed for a few seconds (around 30 seconds) for a good result.
  4. In order to fix the result and to have something of the beautiful curve of the eyelashes for as long as possible, it is best to apply mascara promptly. For this you can use conventional, colored mascara or for a natural look you can use a colorless variant that only fixes. You can also dye your eyelashes (or have them dyed), then the colorless mascara is sufficient for an optimal result.
  5. Clean the eyelash curler and especially the pads regularly with a damp cloth and replace them pads out after a few weeks. We cannot use any unnecessary bacteria and / or other impurities on the sensitive mucous membranes of our eyes.

Tip: Heat the eyelash curler slightly with a blow dryer. Make sure, however, that the eyelash curler does not get too hot, otherwise there is a risk of burns and unnecessary damage to the eyelashes. Similar to curls that you get in your hair with heat and curlers or a curling iron, etc., the heat also helps curl the eyelashes here.

Do the eyelashes break with an eyelash curler?

Basically, using an eyelash curler for your eyelashes is harmless. You just have to make sure that you use them before applying mascara. If you have very fine eyelashes, it can still happen that they are a bit strained.

Then treat yourself to one serum or something castor oilto take care of your eyelashes and make them more resistant and stronger. With this you should be on the safe side and nothing should stand in the way of your eyelash dream.

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