Expert reveals: This manicure mistake ruins our fingernails

Expert reveals: This manicure mistake ruins our fingernails +2023

Chipped paint and co. THIS is what we all do wrong when it comes to manicures – according to an expert!

Chipped paint and co.: We all do THIS wrong with manicures - according to an expert!

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Your fingernails are splintering and the polish just won’t hold? We know that all too well. However, it’s not our nails to blame for this, it’s us. That’s what alessandro professional trainer Ute Lipsdorf told us in an interview with

Our fingernails can drive us insane. Sometimes more sometimes less. Anyone who regularly brushes color on their nails knows that. But what almost nobody knows: there is something that almost all of us do wrong – and it is precisely this mistake that ruins our nails. Ute Lipsdorf, professional trainer at alessandro, told us about it.

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It is very important to pay attention to the number on the file – for example 100/180. The higher number always means the finer side. The 100 side should never come into contact with a natural nail. A natural nail should never be filed below 150 grit.

Because: With the coarse side of the file, the nail is more or less torn open, with a fine side the nail is also opened, but much finer and hardly visible. Once the nail is torn open, it can splinter much faster – and I’m sure many of you know that. The reason for splintering nails is therefore necessarily our nails themselves, but the wrong filing.

It is very important to polish the nail again after filing and to reseal the edges.

Ute Lipsdorf advises never simply applying nail polish to your nails, but always filing and naturally polishing them beforehand and sealing them with it. This way the nail polish lasts longer and the nails don’t break off as quickly. An alternative to the classic sand file is of course the glass file, you can’t go wrong with it. However: glass files are a matter of taste, not everyone can handle them well.

The grit is often not even written on the nail files in the drugstore, so you should play it safe and get a nail file that says the grit. You can often tell with the naked eye when a nail file is very coarse-grained – so keep your hands off it and take the variant that looks the finest. The finer the better!


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