Eva González triumphs with the ‘take years’ cargo pants perfect for any plan of the bridge +2023

December has started with a lot of free days full of plans, trips and purchases ahead. Finding comfortable but trend-setting looks is key to surviving our busy schedule and Eva González has the ideal that we should all have on our radar, especially over 40 years of age due to its rejuvenating effect. sure that you can copy it with clothes that you have in the closet but if we do not give you ideas to go shopping and get all the clothes of the model to create this look ten.

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Eva González always dresses with basic clothes and very basic wardrobe, quite classic style but lately she takes more risks when choosing looks and we like that. On this occasion, she has succumbed to the trend of cargo pants with an extra large model and ‘takes away’ years that she has combined casually for a marathon day of work in Madrid.

eva gonzalez

Eva González thus combines the most trending cargo pants of 2022

The presenter has created a perfect daily uniform, very trendy in 2022 and also for 2023, with clothes in neutral colors. Without stridency but with a lot of harmony. His cargo pants with pockets and gathered at the ankle -which make them much more flattering- he wears them with a gray turtleneck sweater and tasty knit and flat military boots, which are ideal with this type of groundbreaking pants. He has rounded off the look with a basic black cloth coat that adds an elegant touch without detracting from the character and strength of the pants.

eva gonzalez

We copied the look of cargo pants by Eva González in a low cost key

With this simple look, Eva González has given us a key tip for wearing oversize garments without adding sizes and looking slimmer. The key is that her gray sweater is cropped, although she could also wear it inside. In this way the figure is marked. It is the same effect of wearing leggings and a wide sweater but in reverse.

Military boots are comfortable and also make the whole outfit have a much more rejuvenating style. The best thing is that all the clothes and shoes of this look can be perfectly combined separately.

Cargo pants by Shein
Shein (sW210617697850819), €19.49
Zara jumper
ZARA (8851/124), €22.95
Black ankle boots by Pull&Bear
Pull&Bear (1845840), €39.99
Black cloth coat from El Corte Inglés
Woman from El Corte Inglés (001051051401605), €149
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