Endless thanks to High Spirits for creating the PERFECT bodysuit for any party look (and to Springfield for bringing it down!) +2023

There are occasions that we should not miss: an impromptu getaway to a dream place at a bargain pricea job offer in another city with very good conditions and -somewhat more frivolous, but equally interesting- a purchase that enriches our capsule wardrobe, at a discount.

How to get the ultimate capsule wardrobe: how many clothes you have to have and what clothes you can't miss

This is the case of this black bodysuit from High Spirits on sale in Springfield, which couldn’t be more appropriate now that the holidays are coming. A design as basic as it is powerful that will solve more than one Christmas look (and the rest of the year too).

But before launching into it, let’s analyze its versatility a little more: it is a bodysuit adjusted in velvet -a recurring signing in party looks whenever temperatures drop, we can even wear it as part of a looks as a guest, now that weddings are celebrated all year long-, the sweetheart neckline it enhances the chest and lastly, it combines absolutely with everything (and when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING: from jeans to a sequined skirt…).


A real find from the María Pombo firm that now, thanks to Springfield we can for much less than its original price, specifically for 35.99 €21.99.

Body Lucky High Spirits

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