Emma Watson confirms what will be the haircut that we will ask for the most in hairdressers in 2023

Emma Watson confirms what will be the haircut that we will ask for the most in hairdressers in 2023 +2023

Emma Watson is one of the prescribing actresses of hair trends and more admired beauty, we know. Above all, after contemplating the new perfume campaign Paradoxe of Prada who stars this season. And now, even more, to the delight of all the beauty editors and hair professionals because the actress has once again left us speechless with the haircut which I already wore in 2010 and was one of the most demanded in hairdressers of all the world. Of course, with certain touches of effect that we love.

The coolest version of short hair

Emma Watson with the short haircut m

Emma Watson with the most inspiring short haircut of the season and that will be pure fashion in 2023.Getty.

It seems like yesterday when we saw Emma Watson with that pixie haircut after shooting the entire series of Harry Potter movies where she played Hermione Granger and now we have felt a new crush on her. let v included with her new hair look, which appears to be real and not a wig, when starring in the campaign for the new fragrance of the Italian firm. Yes ok in 2010 I wore one romantic pixie hair and with straighter bangs in honey tones, now she does it with a more bobbed and rocker short haircut in a dark brown almost black with hoop earrings This new change of look favors him a lot and is far from the one back then who even looked with hairpins and that, as the experts of Q spacewas one of the most demanded and iconic.

Emma Watson with the rom pixie cut

Emma Watson with the romantic pixie cut that became iconic in 2010.GTres Online.

But going back to the current look, we are sure that in hairdressers this change of look will have the same or more success than its predecessor and will be pure fashion in 2023 in all its versions every time Emma Watson opts for it. short hair becomes the change of more timeless look and object of desire of all beautyfans. We are also plagued by doubts as to whether it is a false look or a real haircut, but what is clear is that the British actress always inspires all our outfits as an inexhaustible source of trends, even with long hair.

The most viral haircut

With casual bangs that are slightly longer around the ears in a chocolate brown color, Emma Watson now has very short but fresh and current hair that promises to go viral. “Pixies with short fringes show a self-confident, sophisticated woman who knows the trail she leaves behind. The figures are stylized and thus appear more enigmatic. In its shorter version it is very feminine, above all combed to one side or with very short bangs. It is a safe bet in terms of trends for this new season”, concludes the stylist regarding the look of the actress. Mara Jos Llata from the hairdresser carrera wheel.

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