Emily Ratajkowski goes to the fringe that rejuvenates the most and adds volume to fine hair +2023

We know that the bangs refuse to go away, and we see more and more celebrities and influencers who are encouraged with a change of look with bangs. The change that we bring you today comes from the hand of Emily Ratajkowski who has marked super stylish bangsand it is the ideal option for those who do not want to risk too much.

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The model has opted for quite long curtain-style bangs that look great with her layered hair. With these bangs Emily has achieved a mane with a lot of volume and more sophisticatedwhich reminds us a lot of the style of the manes of the 90s that were hollowed out from the roots, and even the bangs.

For it, the hair is worked with a dryer and a brush with the technique of blow-drying, that perfectly lifts the hair from the roots and helps fine hair gain a lot of body. And to enhance movement at the ends, nothing better than good curlers.

Termix Evolution Plus Ø60

Termix Evolution Plus Ø60

Rowenta Signature Pro CV7840

Rowenta Signature Pro CV7840

And although it is not the first time that Ratajkowski has tried bangs, we have to say that this is undoubtedly the one we like the most and with which we have seen her prettiest so far. Also, this bangs is super versatile so it has many possibilities when styling.

It can be worn on one side, open to the middle, semi-disheveled or covering the forehead, because its possibilities are many and its length is perfect for those who want a change without going to shorter bangs.

Photos | Gtres, @emrata

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