Emily in Paris: step-by-step – this is how you succeed in Camille’s hairstyle +2023

“Emily in Paris”
Step-by-step: This is how you succeed in Camille’s hairstyle

This elegant hairstyle keeps the hair out of the face and is easy to style.


In addition to the wonderful atmosphere in “Emily in Paris”, it is also the looks that fascinate us about the Netflix series. In the video you can find out how you can now style Camille’s chic hairstyle at home with just a few tools.

It’s not the first time that the French have influenced our styling choices – but it’s never been so simple and chic! Camille’s elegant hairstyle, in which she tucks the front strands of hair at the back of her head, had fans of the show thinking only one thing: How does it work? We have the answer.

“Emily in Paris”: This is how you create Camille’s effortlessly chic hairstyle

We fell in love with “Emily in Paris” for several reasons: The special charm of the city of love, the unmistakable fashionable outfits and the trendy beauty looks influence our holiday planning more than we thought. Again and again we have to stop our fingers before buying a flight or train ticket. But now you can bring some Parisian chic into your home – in this video we show you how to recreate Camille’s elegant hairstyle from the last episode of season 3. All you need is a small hair tie, a brush and some hairspray. Ready? Allez!


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