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Photo Credit: APEX/MEGA

Take your child to work! Elon Musk son had X → A-122, as his pal during a visit to Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco on Thursday, December 8th. The Tech CEO shared a photo his toddler with Twitter followers and gives people a rare glimpse of his son with the singer’s ex-girlfriend Dirt.

X, as his family calls him, looked absolutely gorgeous as he hung out on a rooftop with his dad, posing in front of a heart-shaped sculpture painted with a scene from the City by the Bay. The little guy was clad in a truck sweatshirt and dark jeans, walking with little black sneakers.

Of course, Elon couldn’t help but fall in love with his little guy. Along with the photo, he tweeted: “X in beautiful San Francisco.” The richest man in the world also showed off X’s own Twitter badge in another tweet. On the card was a snap of the grinning child, apparently taken on the same day had been.

Alongside X, Elon and Grimes share a daughter together Exa “Y” Dark Siderael, whom they welcomed as a replacement last December. The “Oblivion” singer spoke about Elon and the children vanity fair In early 2022, saying, “Whatever is going on with family stuff, I just feel like kids need to stay out of it, and X is just out there. I mean, I think E really sees him as a protégé and takes him to everything and stuff. X is out there. His situation is like this.”

Elon has a large brood. He is also the father of twins Vivian and Gripping, 18 and triplets Kai, Damian and Saxophone, 16, with his first wife Justin Wilson. The couple’s firstborn Nevada died at the age of 10 weeks in 2002.

Reports surfaced last July claiming the entrepreneur was welcoming twins with Neuralink Exec Schivon Zilis in November 2021. Elon addressed the matter via Twitter in July 2022. “I’m doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis,” he joked. “A collapsing birth rate is by far the greatest danger facing civilization.” He would later confirm his paternity.

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