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María José Suárez is enjoying a long weekend getaway. The businesswoman has gone to spend a few days with her family in a rural house in Córdoba and we have taken the opportunity to see What have you put in your suitcase? Taking into account that these are cold and rainy days, a down jacket has not been missing among the clothes that have been taken. A coat for which we have felt a real crush as soon as we have seen it because it is beautiful, elegant, and the trend color of 2023the Viva Magenta.

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Viva Magenta, the fashion color of 2023

Just a few days ago, like every year end, the Pantone Institute revealed what the fashion color of 2023 will be. Viva Magenta is the tone that will take over from lilac Very Pery, the trend shade of 2022. We love this choice because it is a color beautiful, good face effect, rejuvenating and that feels good to all. So, knowing that we are going to start to see it a lot in all kinds of looks, we have set to work to start making signings with which to show it off. María José Suárez has left us an impeccable idea with his down jacket.

Maria Jose Suarez

The model has fallen in love with this color which, as the Pantone Institute experts have explained, “is brave and intrepid and encourages unrestricted self-expression.” It is a super nice tone because mix the strength of red with the romanticism of pink and with flashes of purple. This results in a color feminine, anti-aging and versatile that feels super good. And wearing it in a warm garment is a perfect way to give it all the prominence. If he is also an ideal down jacket like the one worn by María José Suárez, all the better.

The Viva Magenta down jacket by María José Suárez

The designer, to go warm without losing style in these days of disconnection, he has opted for a down jacket full of virtues. This type of coat is a yes every season because it is comfortable, warms well and is versatile. In the case of María José Suárez, we love details such as that it is padded, its double zipper, the little hair on the part of the neck and its metallic effect, those in charge of giving it the elegant touch that she has worn so well. So now you know, if you still haven’t signed that down jacket that will accompany you throughout the winter, don’t lose sight of this option because you won’t want to take it off. Also, it is super easy to combine.

How to combine María José Suárez’s down jacket

You will be able to get a lot out of a Viva Magenta down jacket like María José Suárez’s. This coat is perfect both in casual looks and in formal looks. And as for what colors to combine it with, we remind you of the tips that we gave you a few days ago so you can see how versatile it is:

  • With basics like white or blackyou are going to have a very flattering color contrast and you are going to give all the prominence to Viva Magenta.
  • With the color blue or with fabrics like denimyou are going to have a rejuvenating set that you are going to love.
  • with garments of complementary tones such as pale pink or fuchsia, you will get a daring and flattering mix.
  • Y with clothes of the same color, you’re going to have a great look Remember that monocolor looks are popular this season and with one in Viva Magenta you will exude optimism, joy and strength.

We copied the Viva Magenta down jacket by María José Suárez

We, after seeing María José Suárez, have gone shopping to sign some coats in this tone. We share them with you so that you too can already get a garment as ideal as this one.

Down jacket from El Corte Inglés
The English Court (REF-001051050402083)
Adolfo Domínguez down jacket
Adolfo Dominguez (REF-23809195330422)
Down jacket from El Corte Inglés
The English Court (REF-001029350201322)
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