Eight agendas that cost less than 15 euros, are beautiful and have everything we need to organize this 2023 +2023

Do lists with all the things you have to do and then go crossing them out (with the satisfaction that this entails), write down important dates so that you don’t forget them (and look like a queen later when you remember), take note of those ideas that come to mind when you least expect it (who knows if it will be the key to getting rich?) … Agendas are simply the best on this planet.

Three diaries that, in addition to being very cute, you can organize to your liking and they never expire

Anyone, whether someone is super tidy or not in their daily life, can confirm this. For me and for many of my colleagues, at least they are something essential in our day to day. And yes, without them it is more than possible that our life would enter a loop of (almost) infinite chaos. We are not going to deny it.

That is why now that we have entered the final stretch of 2022 We already have our sights set on our 2023 agenda and we have made our selection of cheap but beautiful diaries with which to start the year on the right foot. And organized, very organized:

Agendas for days

If you are one of those who need a lot of space to write everything down, surely the best option for you is to get an agenda for days. Thus you can write in detail anything you can think of without having to worry about space. They weigh a little more because they have more pages, but they are certainly worth it:

Agenda Pink Day Page

This pocket design (its measurements are 21 x 14.8 cm) is ideal for its pink colour. A compact but practical diary where we can quickly locate the month and day we want thanks to its side legend.

Diary a page per day pink by Artfan

Diary a page per day pink by Artfan

Agenda Proverbs

If you are one of those who loves to read a motivating phrase every day or that makes you reflect on this diary, which has a chinese proverb every day, is for you. €14.30.

Daily planner with Chinese proverbs

Daily planner with Chinese proverbs

Weekly schedules

pink diary

This schedule of Smart Panda have a elegant, minimalist and sophisticated design that will allow you to have everything in sight in a most relaxing way. €14.95.

Smart Panda Ring Diary

Smart Panda Ring Diary

Classic Agenda 2023 Weekly Thousand and One Plans

No, Mr. Wonderful’s agenda could not be missing because we are aware that his motivational messages encourage hundreds of girls daily. In addition, since it is discounted, it fits perfectly into our budget: it costs €17.95 €13.46.

Mr. Wonderful weekly planner

Mr. Wonderful weekly planner

Flowers Weekly Agenda

With a print of flowers and a romantic message we have this agenda of miquelrius for 13 euro.

Diary flowers Miquelrius

Finocam Agenda

This is Finocam’s agenda Amazon’s best seller, so yes or yes it had to sneak into our selection. Not only is it compact (79×127 mm) but it has a super cheap price: it costs 7 euros.

Finocam pocket diary

Finocam pocket diary


Also with a celestial theme we have this agenda from the Spanish firm Takenote with the Moon and the stars on the cover for 14.95 euros.

Weekly planner Takenote

Compact Agenda

If you want something compact where with just a glance you can see your week, this Finocam’s horizontal agenda for 11 euros just what you need.

Weekly diary flowers Finocam

Weekly diary flowers Finocam

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