Edurne’s haircut (and the color) is the photo you have to take to your hairdresser +2023

At the turn of the summer, Edurne decided Change of look. She, who has always been identified with long hair, was at a time when she needed a change, sometimes long hair can be overwhelming, invasive, and when you get fed up, nothing like a haircut trend in 2022 for refresh the look. That was the most immediate effect that the singer achieved with her autumn change, because the haircut and coloring form the perfect photograph to go to the hairdresser with the best inspiration of the season.

Edurne’s midi haircut that is trending

Long and dyed hair, in addition, tends to look very punished at the turn of the summer, so an autumn cut is very necessary. “The mane to the clavicle or long bob somehow gives freshness and brings a more jovial point”says Gabriel Llano, director of the salon that bears his name. As an addition, it is worth noting the versatility of the length, since in addition to adhering to a very current and sophisticated trend such as the midi length, this haircut allows you to continue managing your hair with up-dos and hairstyles of all kinds.

Edurne’s coloring illuminates her face

As for the color, his last appearance on the red carpet of the Latin Grammy Acoustic Session, loose, smooth and combed with a parting in the middle, allows you to admire all the shades that make her mane attractive. “She wears a lot of hair, very thin, but above all where she carries the pigment most is in the middle and ends, which in the end is what gives more light”, explains the salon’s expert stylist Gabriel Llano. “I am very supportive of following this technique because in the end it is what mark the face and somehow it helps us to have clarity in the face. And, above all, this technique allows you not to be dependent on constantly giving yourself color. Maintenance is much easier.”

The gradient that can be seen from the root to the tip, nuances its natural color from a dark blonde to a ultra-luminous gold tone in a length of the most multifaceted and grateful. Undoubtedly, Edurne has renewed herself with taste, choosing a much more refreshing and fun image that suits her wonderfully.

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