Edurne has the perfect hairstyle to show off her earrings at Christmas +2023

Ever since Edurne cut her hair, we’ve been obsessed with her looks of beauty. We knew that medium-length haircuts are the most of the season, but it is that the singer leaves us great ideas to style them on special occasions and that our earrings do not go unnoticed.

Edurne has the perfect dress to achieve a groundbreaking guest look (or to sweep this Christmas with originality).

This is the hairstyle Edurne wore at the last gala Got Talent. We are facing a semi-collected in the same style as the hairstyles of Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez. but with a twistbecause the singer he has worn it with the stripe on one side achieving a more sophisticated and sweet effect.

updo hairstyle edurne

This type of hairstyle is perfect for showing off your earrings on New Year’s Eve or Christmas and not giving up wearing your hair down. Something that for many of us is always a difficult decision, because We don’t want to give up on the skin or the pendientazos.

Getting Edurne’s semi-collected is very simple. we just have to catch half of our hair in a neat ponytail, using fixing gel and a comb. The detail that makes the difference are the ends combed out, which make this hairstyle much more special.

Photos | @edurnity.

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